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Find 10 Cheap Vets in Lubbock, Tx

Cheap Vets in Lubbock

We know numerous animal hospitals in Lubbock, but locating a low-cost one in such a jammed area is challenging. Getting high-quality services at reasonable prices is a primary priority as a pet parent. I have shared my experiences with the top 10 cheap vets in Lubbock Tx who provide good vet care without breaking the bank. These veterinarians ensure the link between the pet and the owner to deliver the best possible treatment at a reasonable cost. The next post will expose you to cheap clinics that have acquired the moniker based on genuine feedback from pet owners across Lubbock.

Your pet’s health is also essential to us, so we make each visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Let us proceed to low-cost vet clinics for more assistance regarding your animal friend. 


1- Small Animal Emergency Clinic 

Address: 6305 66th St #300, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-797-6483

I have been searching for low-cost veterinarian care choices in Lubbock, TX. I’m glad to share my experience with Small Animal Emergency Clinic, which has genuinely impressed me with its devotion to offering high-quality treatment at reasonable pricing. Dr. Janey Powe, Dr. Paul Stonum, Dr. Armin Trenton Hohrein, Dr. Samantha Thomas, Dr. Crystal Windsor, and Dr. Jeff Ledford lead a team of veterinarians that are not only highly skilled but also compassionate and dedicated to the well-being of our beloved pets. Their pricing starts from $350 because of their particular treatment options. I would recommend this vet to any pet parent seeking an emergency vet facility in Lubbock. 

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Emergency pet care and treatment 24/7
  2. Full surgical facilities
  3. Digital radiology, imaging( X-rays ), and ultrasounds
  4. Oxygen cage, therapy & cardiopulmonary monitoring
  5. In-house pharmacy facilities


2- P.E.T.S Clinic of Lubbock

Address: 2207 34th St, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-507-0836

Another highly affordable veterinary clinic found in the land of Lubbock is P.E.T.S Clinic. With the “No pet left behind the mission,” this clinic is committed to making veterinary care available to all. The team at P.E.T.S., led by the dedicated Leslie Harrelson, goes above and above to offer low-cost spay and neuter programs, effectively tackling the issue of pet overpopulation. Their dedication to making a difference in the community is admirable. Their price starts at $50. Pet owners in Lubbock can be confident that their cherished friends will receive high-quality care at reasonable pricing. P.E.T.S. Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic is an important resource for low-cost veterinary treatments, ensuring every pet gets the required care.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Spays and Neuters for dogs and cats start from $10 to $65
  2. Pet vaccinations for dogs and cats like Rabies, DAV2PPv + L4, Bordetella, and Booster Shot (Per Round) $10 to $30
  3. Heartworm Testing (& FIV) and Heartworm Preventative $25 to $35
  4. Deworming for cats and dogs starts from $4
  5. Flea Prevention for Cats and Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs $8 to $55
  6. Microchip $15, Vet Exams $25, Nail Trims $10


3- Animal Hospital of Lubbock

Address: 7902 Slide Rd, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-794-4543

Animal Hospital of Lubbock is the third animal hospital I visited from the list of cheap vet clinics in Lubbock. This clinic has received five-star ratings from happy consumers due to its cutting-edge technologies and reasonable treatment programs. Dr. Robert Richards and his dedicated veterinarians provide our cherished pets with superior medical, surgical, and dental care. What distinguishes Animal Hospital of Lubbock is its dedication to providing high-quality services at reasonable pricing. As a pet owner, I value their emphasis on proper pet keeping and their commitment to preventive healthcare. Animal Hospital of Lubbock is a better and more affordable choice for those looking for weekend evaluations.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. General Wellness: Diet & Nutrition, Dentistry, Parasite Control (Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms), Wellness & Preventive Care, Vaccinations, and Microchipping
  2. Diagnostic Services: Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, EKG, Laboratory Services, and Allergies
  3. Surgery Services: Spay & Neuter, Soft Tissue Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery
  4. Reproduction Services: Labor & Delivery, and Artificial Insemination for Pets
  5. Others: Hospitality Services, End of Life Care(Euthanasia, Cremation), and Travel Certificate Services


4- 82nd Street Veterinary Clinic

Address: 3502 82nd St, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-368-7258

I recently visited 82nd Street Veterinary Clinic in Lubbock, Texas, and it exceeded my expectations with its multiple services. Dr. Robert Taylor and his crew offered excellent treatment for clients’ pets. We felt totally at home because of the customized and pleasant service. What impressed me most was their commitment to giving the greatest medicine within my budget, considering all financial situations. The soft touch and comprehensive diagnosis demonstrated Dr. Taylor’s knowledge and compassion for animals. The clinic’s handy 82nd Street location makes it easily accessible to pet owners throughout Texas. I recommend 82nd Street Veterinary Facility if you’re searching for a high-quality veterinarian facility that provides compassionate care at a reasonable price.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Annual Wellness Exams and Vaccinations for dogs and cats 
  2. Flea & Tick Prevention, and Heartworm Prevention
  3. Illness Diagnosis & Treatment and In House X-ray
  4. Surgery, Spay/Neuter for both dogs and cats
  5. Dentals


5- Above & Beyond Pet Care Hospital

Address: 8222 University Ave, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-792-7297

Above and Beyond Pet Care Hospital is highly recommended to anyone in Lubbock who needs veterinarian services besides boarding assistance. Dr. Derek Ishida and Dr. Abdul-Hamid, who work full-time at the clinic at 8222 University Avenue, give great care. Their knowledge and love for animals are evident in their work. In addition to veterinary services, the clinic includes a daycare and boarding facility to meet the needs of pet owners. What distinguishes them is their commitment to client happiness, visible in their different promos and specials, such as the Yappy Hour, which offers 15% off immunizations and a 10% discount on boarding services. Above and Beyond Pet Care Hospital is the go-to place for experienced employees, fair prices, and special deals.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. General Wellness: PAW Plans, Dentistry, Diet & Nutrition, Microchipping, Parasite Control (Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms), Wellness & Preventive Care, and Vaccinations
  2. Diagnostic Services: Allergies, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Endoscopy, Laboratory Services, and Radiography
  3. Surgery Services: Spay & Neuter for cats and dogs
  4. Hospitality Services: Boarding, Daycare, and TeleMedicine.
  5. Others: End of Life Care(Cremation, Euthanasia) and Travel Certificates Services


6- Oden Veterinary Hospital

Address: 6305 66th St #100, Lubbock            Phone: +1 806-993-7000

Oden Veterinary Hospital is the go-to spot in Lubbock for quality veterinary care. I was greeted with warmth and care the instant I walked through their doors. Dr. Blaine Oden and Dr. Adam Vree lead the staff at Oden Veterinary Hospital, which is devoted to providing excellent care for our cherished pets. Every contact demonstrates their competence and dedication to their patients. Their attitude of treating all patients in a God-centered, family-oriented practice distinguishes them. They provide a welcoming environment for pets and owners with their individualized approach and genuine care. Furthermore, they offer military members a 10% discount to express their appreciation for our heroes. 

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Wellness Exams, Flea & Tick Control Products, Vaccinations, Parasite Prevention, and Heartworm Testing
  2. Dental Care, Microchipping, End of Life Care/ Pet Bereavement
  3. Advanced Digital X-rays, Ultrasound, Endoscopy
  4. Nutritional Counseling, Behavior Management
  5. Surgery, Spay and Neuter, and Orthopedic Surgery (coming soon)


7- Live Oak Animal Hospital

Address: 5214 98th St #100, Lubbock, Tx               Phone: +1 806-794-9000

Moving to the next cheap vets in Lubbock with convenient services and friendly staff, Live Oak Animal Hospital surpassed my expectations. Dr. Carl Clary, Dr. Eric Cunningham, Dr. Shelli Wolfe, and Dr. Caitlin Acker led an exceptional team of veterinarians who cared for clients’ pets. Their sincere concern and dedication to providing the best medical treatment made me peace. What impressed me most was their dedication to customer service, which ensured that my pet and I had a great veterinarian visit. Furthermore, Live Oak Animal Hospital has various financing choices, such as the CareCredit program, which allows for low monthly payments and interest-free three-month options. They also provide the option of using Scratch Pay as a payment method. Affordable care, flexible payment options. Highly recommended!

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Emergency & Urgent Care 24/7 available on appointment.
  2. Vaccinations and physical exams (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  3. Orthopedic Surgery, Laser Therapy(Photobiomodulation-PBM)
  4. CT scans, X-Rays, and Ultrasounds
  5. Other services included Dentistry, In-house Bloodwork, Affordable Parvo Treatment, and Pet Supplies/ Products.


8- Hub City Veterinary Clinic

Address: 10717 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock          Phone: +1 806-701-5000

Hub City Vet is a reputable vet clinic in Lubbock with three years of experience in the field. The practice, led by Dr. Caleb Heatwole, a compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian, provides great care for your cherished pets. The clinic’s emphasis on offering a stress-free experience is shown in its spacious consultation rooms and exclusive kitty area. Walk-ins are allowed, but appointments are preferred. Hub City Vet takes cash, debit, and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). They also recommend pet owners consider pet insurance to cover unforeseen veterinary costs. Pet insurance allows you to choose the degree of protection that best matches your needs by customizing coverage and providing flexibility. 

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Laser and Stem Cell Therapy, Canine, Annual Wellness, and Dentistry and Floatation.
  2. Medical Colic Evaluation and Treatment, Mobile Radiology, Mobile Laser Therapy, Field Anesthesia, and Surgery.
  3. Annual Wellness Exams, Puppy & Kitten Care, and Senior Pet Care.
  4. General Dentistry, TPLO Surgery, Surgery, Radiology, and Diagnostic Testing.
  5. Pharmacy- in-clinic & home delivery, Microchipping, and Ultrasound.


9- Acres North Veterinary Hospital

Address: 5205 13th St, Lubbock, Tx             Phone: +1 806-793-2863

Acres North Veterinary Hospital in Lubbock, TX, is the right choice for pet owners, with an interesting range of client promotions. The committed team, led by Michelle White, the Hospital Manager, provides a great treatment for many pets. They emphasize proper pet ownership and provide educational opportunities to their customers. Use their exclusive discounts, such as a $25 credit card for referring a friend, Yappy Hour, on Tuesdays with 15% off immunizations for students and teachers, a 10% senior discount on exams, and a 15% military discount on all pet care amenities and services. Acres North Veterinary Hospital provides cheap veterinary care while offering significant discounts.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Wellness Care: Diet & Nutrition, Microchipping, PAW Plans, Dentistry, Parasite Control (Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms), Wellness & Preventive Care, and Vaccinations
  2. Diagnostic Plans: Laboratory Services, Allergies, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Endoscopy, and Radiography
  3. Surgery Services: Spay & Neuter for dogs and cats
  4. Hospitality Services: Boarding, Daycare, and TeleMedicine.
  5. Others: Cremation, Euthanasia, and Travel Certificates Services
  6. In case of emergency from outside of business hours please contact before visit.


10- Ark Hospital for Pets

Address: 9006 Avenue P, Lubbock, Tx           Phone: +1 806-745-2955

Ark Hospital For Pets in Lubbock, Tx, is honored to be one of the top 10 cheap vets in the area, with over 50 years of experience. Their team, led by Drs. Sonja Lee and John A. Smith provide competent and caring treatment for small animals and cats. Ark Hospital For Pets places a premium on your pets’ health and well-being. They provide discounted services to older residents and local rescue organizations, making their excellent care more accessible. Their skilled team is dedicated to delivering the finest possible care for your dogs, from routine check-ups to emergency care. Visit Ark Hospital For Pets to discover the difference between dependable and caring veterinary care.

Visit Website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Veterinary internal medicine, surgery, radiology, dermatology, parasitology, and dentistry
  2. Veterinary preventive medicine, pathology, clinical pathology, Health certificates, and animal health products
  3. Geriatric pet care, Microchip implant, Vaccinations, Heartworm prevention, and Declawing.
  4. Flea and tick prevention, Spay and neuter, Preventative health care, Animal x-ray, Allergy testing, and treatments


Final Remarks

This article helps you identify cheap vets in Lubbock, Tx; you may rely on the top ten clinics listed above. These veterinarian clinics provide high-quality treatment at reasonable pricing, ensuring your pets get the attention they deserve without breaking the bank. These clinics focus on the health and well-being of your beloved animals, offering everything from emergency care to periodic exams, spaying and neutering programs, and even discounts for seniors and military personnel.

These clinics cover you if you’re searching for easy payment choices, courteous personnel, or special incentives. Trust the competence and compassion of these top-rated clinics to provide exceptional care for your animal pals if you’re looking for low cost vets in Lubbock Tx. Free free to contact us if you found any sny error or suggestions.