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10 Low Cost Vets in New Orleans, LA

Low Cost Vet New Orleans

New Orleans is a city where people love their pets, like their children, with almost $1000 -$3000+ annual expenses on grooming and medical care on people’s choice animals like dogs and cats in The USA. New Orleans is standing 30th number from the list of 100 pet-friendly largest in the U.S. For this reason, the city has pet-friendly spaces, especially for dogs and cats. Due to the many pet animals and pet care hospitals in New Orleans, People feel they need help finding the best budget-friendly pet hospitals. I got many requests to suggest the best and low cost vet New Orleans. Based on many user and friend requests, I will explain the Top 10 affordable animal clinics in New Orleans.

With the help of this article, you will be able to find out low cost animal hospitals in New Orleans for your beloved pet, according to your budget. Additionally, you can sort out the affordable and best vet in New Orleans, LA. Below is the sorted list of pocket-friendly vets in New Orleans, along with their services, price, and contact information.


1- Low Cost Animal Medical Center

Address: 4300 Washington Ave, New Orleans          Phone: 504-444-1124

The Low Cost Animal Medical Center is an outstanding option for affordable pet care services in New Orleans. Their caring and committed team treats every pet like a family member.

Low Cost Animal Medical Center clinic/hospital is one of New Orleans’s most budget-conscious facilities. Established in 2016, it aims to make treatment possible for every pet at an affordable cost and reduce shelter crowding and suffering. Their mission is to offer high-quality veterinary care at low costs while eliminating financial barriers for pet parents.
Based on customer feedback, this low cost vet New Orleans clinic has earned outstanding reviews for its exceptional service, affordable rates, and compassionate care. One touching story shows how the clinic offered comfort during an emotionally trying time in saying goodbye to 13-year-old pug Penny Lane. New pet owners especially appreciated the insightful guidance and professionalism provided at the clinic. Pet rescue organizations greatly value their commitment to rescue animals and foster pups and their affordable services like spaying/neutering.

Highlights and Services

  1. Wellness Visits, Preventative Care, Microchipping, Heartworm Treatment, and Anal Gland Expression
  2. In-House Diagnostics (bloodwork, HW testing, fecal testing, urinalysis)
  3. Dental Cleanings, Extractions, X-Ray
  4. Digital X-Rays, Nail Trims, Heartworm Prevention, Flea & Tick Prevention
  5. Spay/Neuter, Mass Removals, Soft Tissue Surgeries, and Adoptions


2- Vetco Total Care New Orlean Branch

Address: 550 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans          Phone: 504-708-1587

Vetco Total Care was registered with Petco to offer quality care to its customers. The clinic works while offering similar services at more competitive prices. Petco was founded in 1999 and has invested up to $300 million to make communities healthier for pet families and make pet ownership affordable for owners. New Orleans-based vet clinic, The Animal House stands out from the competition with its reliable services at an affordable price point. Clients praise them for offering comprehensive pet care packages and making routine and emergency veterinary services accessible to pet parents of any budget.
Dr. Michelle Hodgson stands out among her team with her attentiveness, quick responses, and genuine affection for animals.

The hospital’s mission is to offer affordable yet essential routine care for your pets, which makes this service especially valuable to owners with limited funds available to spend. The clinic’s loyalty program has proven highly popular with its dedicated pet parents, offering significant savings. Not only are their services outstanding, but their warm atmosphere and exceptional customer service have also won praise; many describe the staff as friendly, professional, and always ready to assist their customers.

Highlights and Services

  1. Nose-to-Tail Wellness Exams for Dogs & Cats
  2. Cat & Dog Vaccinations
  3. Microchipping
  4. Spay/Neuter
  5. Dental Cleaning


3- Southern Animal Foundation

Address: 1823 Magazine St, New Orleans          Phone: 504-671-8235

Established by Anne Bell and Paul Berry in 1995 on Magazine Street in New Orleans, Southern Animal Foundation (SAF) is a full-service, nonprofit animal hospital dedicated to ending animal overpopulation issues by providing rescue, adoption, and medical treatments across Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond. They aim to eliminate euthanasia as much as possible while saving pets’ lives!

SAF stands out among competitors by consistently providing high-quality, cost-effective, compassionate veterinary care at a fair price. Their commitment has transformed potentially stressful experiences into meaningful encounters filled with empathy and understanding – truly reflecting their love for animals. I found their professional, reasonably priced care worth my journey from Seattle. No doubt, their services have left an indelible mark in many pet owner hearts across the community, undoubtedly earning them a much-deserved reputation amongst pet parents themselves.

SAF stands out in its service offerings by its commitment to cost transparency. Understanding that unexpected financial surprises can be just as stressful, they ensure all costs are discussed beforehand to prevent any unpleasant bills from being presented unexpectedly. Furthermore, SAF offers discounts and insight into potential savings opportunities – an impressive demonstration of customer-first customer care!

Highlights and Services

  1. Dental Care, Surgery, Advanced Digital X-rays, Spay and Neuter
  2. Microchipping, Vaccinations, Wellness Exams, and Nutritional Counseling
  3. Behavior Management, Flea & Tick Control Products
  4. Parasite Prevention & Heartworm Testing
  5. Ultrasound, Boarding, Grooming, and Onsite Diagnostics


4- Louisiana SPCA Community Clinic

Address: 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd, New Orleans          Phone: 504-368-5191

The Louisiana SPCA is a nonprofit organization committed to safeguarding companion animals in Louisiana. Established in 1924 and recognized as Louisiana’s oldest animal welfare organization, they positively affect over 73,000 homeless and companion animals annually through services in Greater New Orleans and beyond, improving animal welfare in their endeavors. Recognized nationally for their excellent services, Louisiana SPCA holds a top 1% ranking on Charity Navigator and 4-star status – making them one of the go-to options for animal care!

Indeed, the clinic has earned its place as a reliable low cost healthcare provider among customers. Medical professionals display their dedication and expertise by prioritizing patient needs and providing tailored healthcare that fits each person individually. State-of-the-art equipment and facilities at this clinic have also earned praise, elevating its overall service experience and building customer trust and loyalty. The staff’s warm and inviting demeanor has ensured every visit has been pleasant, thus fostering customer trust. Furthermore, its innovative approach to healthcare combining cutting-edge technology with a human touch, makes it an invaluable asset in its community.

Highlights and Services

  1. Spay and Neuter, Microchip, Vaccinations, Nail trim, and Heartworm Prevention
  2. Pet Care & Training/Pet Adoption
  3. Promote, protect, and advance the well-being of animals
  4. Human Law & Rescue


5- Canal Street Veterinary Hospital

Canal Street Veterinary Hospital in Mid-City, New Orleans, provides comprehensive pet care. Services provided at this hospital include wellness exams, vaccinations, dermatology care, dental care, and surgery, among many others, with in-house hematology and diagnostic labs for high-quality care at affordable prices. It primarily seeks to offer low cost vet service for cats/dogs/small animals as well as quality service at competitive prices to offer full spectrum pet healthcare and convenience for its clients; its main goal is providing low cost vet service with quality service at affordable rates while offering quality services at competitive prices.

The main objective is to provide low-cost vet services that deliver great services at competitive rates so their clients don’t go elsewhere for their vet needs. Canal Street Veterinary Hospital stands out for its caring, affordable, and professional services. Their team is helpful when discussing treatment options according to budget constraints and providing end-of-life care for pets. Canal Street Veterinary Hospital is praised for its welcoming atmosphere that keeps pets calm and content. With its convenient location, fair prices, and top-of-the-line service offerings, Canal Street Veterinary Hospital remains a go-to place for pet owners in the region.

Highlights and Services

  1. Pet wellness and Vaccination programs
  2. Anesthesia And Patient Monitoring
  3. Dental Diseases, Dentistry Radiology, Pet Dental Cleanings, And Treatment
  4. Emergency Veterinary Clinic
  5. Pet surgery, including spay and neutering
  6. Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  7. And many more


 6- MidCity Veterinary Hospital

Address: 3821 Orleans Ave, New Orleans          Phone: 504-304-8223

Dr. Audrey Hess leads the highly-regarded MidCity Veterinary Hospital in the heart of New Orleans. Standing at the junction of Orleans Avenue and Olga Street, the hospital is renowned for Dr. Hess’s expertise in treating anxious animals and her ability to communicate intricate procedures to pet owners.
The staff has earned a loyal clientele over decades due to its personalized, affordable, and compassionate pet care. The hospital’s staff has also earned commendations for their kindness, attentiveness, and swift service, which is particularly appreciated in urgent situations requiring same-day assistance.

The welcoming atmosphere they create, even for routine procedures such as nail trims, competitive prices, and efficient service, has resulted in lasting trust from pet owners. It’s a place where pets are treated like family members.

Highlights and Services

  1. Comprehensive Care: Comprehensive Physical Exams, Rapid Results of Physiologic Labwork, Parasite Screenings, and Preventative Health Care
  2. Diagnostic and Surgical Services: Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, and State of the Art Surgical Equipment
  3. Dental and Dietary Services: Dental Cleaning and Full Line of Hill’s Prescription Diets
  4. Additional Services: Bathing, Pet Spa Services, Effective Individual Flea Control, and Boarding


7- Southshore Animal Hospital Metairie

Address: 213 Live Oak St, Metairie          Phone: +1 504-831-7724

Southshore Animal Hospital, located in the Greater New Orleans metro area, is a comprehensive small animal medical facility known for excellence in soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Established by native New Orleanian Dr. Chris Forstall, the hospital offers various services, including diagnostics, dental care, stem cell therapy, laser therapy, and more. The hospital prides itself on superior pet health care, outstanding customer service, and educational guidance for the community.

As Jefferson Parish’s low-cost spay/neuter program participants, their veterinarians gain significant hands-on surgical experience. Specializing in orthopedic surgeries, Dr. Forstall has notably trained in Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) knee surgery. Southshore Animal Hospital invites all pet owners to consider them as their other family doctors. This review reveals a local veterinary clinic with exceptional compassion and quality care.

Highlights and Services

  1. Comprehensive Veterinary Care: Dental Care, Dermatology, Heartworm Testing, and Surgery
  2. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services: Digital Radiography, Ultrasound, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy
  3. Pet Wellness and Support: Nutritional Counseling, Laser Therapy, and Hospice/Euthanasia
  4. Additional Services: Boarding, Grooming, Microchipping, and Telemedicine


8- St Bernard Veterinary Hospital

Address: 9121 W Judge Perez Dr, Chalmette          Phone: 504-277-0141

Dr. Treyton Diggs’ veterinary practice, founded in 2013, is acclaimed for its proactive and affordable pet care, emphasizing diet, exercise, and preventive measures. St Bernard Veterinary Hospital fosters a close-knit, family atmosphere, with clients appreciating its reasonable pricing and high-quality services.
This low cost vet New Orleans clinic is where pets’ interests are placed above profit. Dr. Diggs and his staff are applauded for their genuine care, quality services, and affordable pricing.

Most pet owners appreciate their thorough explanations and attentiveness, with many citing experiences of their pets being saved from tricky health situations. Under Dr. Diggs, the clinic appears highly recommended for its compassionate, expert, and cost-effective care.

Highlights and Services

  1. Preventive and Routine Care: Routine Exams & Vaccines, Heartworm Preventative, Flea And Tick Control
  2. Dental Services: Dental Care, Dental Cleanings, and Oral Surgery
  3. Surgical Procedures: Soft Tissue And Orthopedic Surgery, Spaying And Neutering, Surgical Procedure
  4. Additional Services: Groom And Bathe, Heartworm Medication, Prescription Diets, and X-Rays


9- Pet Care Center Esplanade

Address: 938 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans          Phone: 504-522-2997

Pet Care Center Esplanade provides high-quality and low cost vet care for pets, ensuring their extended health and comfort. The center promises personalized service and an inviting environment, striving to create a home-away-from-home experience for pets.

Pet Care Center Esplanade earns high praise for its dedicated, professional service and genuine pet care. The team, led by Dr. Bret, is lauded for its efficiency in handling emergencies and flexibility in providing same-day appointments. Their transparent, reasonable pricing structure and warm, helpful staff make them highly recommended. Customers, new and old, find them a reliable haven for their pets, providing an exceptional level of care and attention. Overall, the clinic strikes a perfect balance of quality care and cost-effectiveness.

Highlights and Services

10- Lake Animal Hospital

Address: 604 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie          Phone: 504-837-1730

This Low Cost Vet New Orleans is a full-service veterinary facility that offers reasonably priced medical, surgical, and dental care. The hospital provides various services, from advanced diagnostics and emergency care to preventative health care and surgical procedures. They also offer complementary medicine, nutritional counseling, and a fully stocked pharmacy, ensuring comprehensive pet care.

Lake Animal Hospital shines through its exceptional veterinary care, bolstered by a warm, friendly staff and affordable pricing. The team’s attentiveness, exemplified by their personalized pet recognition and assistance, garners customer trust. With a clear commitment to pet health, they have helped clients navigate routine care and chronic conditions. Dr. Meriwether and Amy are both valued for their longstanding service for special commendation. Lake Animal Hospital stands out for comprehensive, compassionate, and professional pet care.

Highlights and Services

  1. Comprehensive Healthcare: Wellness Exams, Internal Medicine, Vaccinations, and Pain Management
  2. Surgical and Diagnostic Services: Surgery, Radiology (X-Rays), Blood Transfusions, and Complementary Medicine
  3. Dental and Nutritional Services: Dental Care, Nutritional Counseling, and Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  4. Additional Services: Bathing, Boarding, Grooming, Microchipping, Hospice, and Euthanasia Services


Final Thoughts

Every pet owner needs good caring service for their beloved. It isn’t easy for everyone to identify the best pet vet. In This article, I am gonna explain to you the best and low cost vet New Orleans sorted by our experts. With the help of this article, you will be able to identify the best vet for your pets according to your need. You can sort out the best vet according to your budget. All animal hospitals are charging lower prices and providing quality services.