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10 Low Cost Vets In Frisco, Texas

Low Cost Vets In Frisco

As a pet owner in Frisco, Texas, caring for your beloved furry friends’ health and well-being is incredibly important. From daily checkups to unexpected health problems, having a reliable and affordable vet in Frisco, service can make a world of difference. However, finding the proper care that doesn’t break the bank can be quite challenging. To help you navigate this, I have compiled a list of the top 10 low-cost vets Frisco, offering quality care at prices that are kind to your pocket. These affordable veterinary clinics provide various services, from essential health checkups and vaccinations to emergency care, to keep your pets happy and hearty. So, let’s explore the best options for ‘Low cost vet Frisco’ that can provide quality care for your furry friend.

Discover the top 10 low-cost vets Frisco, Texas, providing quality services at affordable prices. Trust these affordable options to deliver excellent care for your furry companions in Frisco, Texas.


1- Easyvet Veterinarian Frisco, Tx

Address: 2772 Stonebrook Pkwy Suite 200, Frisco          Phone: 469-551-8016

When it comes to affordable and reliable pet care in Frisco, Easyvet Veterinary Clinic stands out. As a ‘Low Cost Animal Hospital in Frisco,’ they offer top-quality care without big bills. Instead of trying to do it all, Easyvet focuses on what matters most. They cut costs by not performing rare surgical procedures but referring you to specialists when needed. This clever strategy keeps the care high and the prices low. Easyvet offers a wide range of services. They’ve covered you, from handling pet allergies and flea prevention to advanced laser therapy. Their offerings include new pet exams, dental cleanings, and nutrition advice. They even handle tricky situations like pet euthanasia with utmost care and empathy. One standout feature I’ve observed is that whether it’s for a quick checkup or an urgent pet health concern, Easyvet emerges as a cost-effective and cheap vet in Frisco.


  1. Basic Pet Care Services: Dog ear cleaning, nail trimming, tooth brushing, teeth care, diet, and nutritional consultations
  2. Veterinary Services: Veterinarian exams, physical exams for pets, Treatment for allergies in pets, blood work, and blood testing.
  3. Pet Examination Services: Routine medical examination, Cat veterinary exams, Vaccinations for pets, and Comprehensive exams for pets
  4. Pet Preventive Health Services: Flea & tick prevention for dogs, Heartworm testing & prevention, Allergy testing for pets, and Parasite prevention
  5. Pet Medical Treatments: Treatment for allergic reactions in pets, Treatment for canine influenza, surgeries for pets, and Laser therapy for pets
  6. Pet Identification Services: Dog flea and tick treatment, Cats and dogs microchipping 


2- LazyPaw Animal Hospitals

Address: 7380 Stonebrook Pkwy, Frisco          Phone: 972-712-1300

Another affordable veterinary option in Frisco that I highly recommend is the LazyPaw Animal Hospital. Founded by Drs. Brent Bilhartz and Julaine Hunter in 2005; this family-owned clinic is dedicated to pet wellness and client satisfaction. Its broad range of services, from regular vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and dental cleanings to complex surgeries, ensures comprehensive care for your pet. They also offer convenient services like an online pharmacy and 24/7 appointment booking, making pet care simple even in times of emergency. Their online pharmacy provides competitively priced, trusted medications, and they’re committed to sending your pet’s vaccine certificates where they need to go. At LazyPaw, convenience and top-tier service are priorities. They offer excellent pet care and peace of mind for pet owners.


  1. Preventive and Regular Health Care: Annual vaccination, Heartworm prevention, Dental cleanings & hygiene, and Nail trimming and ear cleaning
  2. Veterinary Medical Services: Blood tests, diagnostic tests, Medical treatment, Specialty care for urinary stones, and Veterinary ophthalmologist services
  3. Surgical Services: Spay and neuter surgery, surgical treatment, Soft tissue surgery, and Veterinary surgery
  4. Pet Grooming and Boarding Services: Dog & cat grooming, Boarding services, and Pet spa day services
  5. End Life and Emergency Care: Emergency pet care, humane euthanasia, Pain relief dental services, and EMS service for immediate response


3- PetNest Animal Hospital

Address: 11990 Coit Rd Suite 110, Frisco          Phone: 469-956-6100

Another affordable veterinary clinic in Frisco is the PetNest Animal Hospital. PetNest is known for delivering excellent pet care services without burdening your wallet, making it a commendable choice for budget-conscious pet owners. The professional and caring team at PetNest offers a wide range of services to ensure your pet’s well-being. From preventative care like digital radiology and health checkups to more specialized services such as electrocardiograms, laboratory diagnostics, and emergency care, PetNest has your pet covered. At PetNest, pets are treated with the same respect and love they would receive from their own families, which helps foster a comfortable and reassuring environment for your pet. They believe in educating pet owners, making sure they understand your pet’s health condition and treatment options. Their commitment is to provide outstanding veterinary services while maintaining clear and straightforward pricing.


  1. Dental Care: Dental cleanings, Teeth extractions, Oral surgery, and Dental radiographs
  2. Wellness Care: Microchipping for identification, Parasite Prevention, Allergy testing, and Routine vaccinations
  3. Diagnostic Services: Electrocardiogram for heart health, Laboratory diagnostics, Digital radiology, and Ultrasound imaging
  4. Surgical Services: ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) repair, Spay & neuter operations
  5. Additional Services: Drop-off and go service for busy pet owners, End-of-life cares for pets in their final stages.


4- Family Friends Veterinary Hospital

Address: 3245 Main St #265, Frisco          Phone: 469-225-5885

Step into a world where your pet is truly valued and treated as a cherished family member. At Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Frisco, Texas, they understand the deep bond between pets and their owners, and their commitment to providing exceptional care reflects this understanding. From the moment you walk through the doors of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital, you’ll experience a level of compassion that sets them apart. They recognize that your pet is an animal and a beloved family member. They believe in progressive and preventative medical care, aiming to keep your furry friend in optimal health. By emphasizing preventive measures and early intervention, they minimize health risks and provide long-term well-being for your pet. The most significant advantage is that a highly cost-effective and budget-friendly veterinary clinic in Frisco offers excellent services for your beloved pet.


  1. Preventive and Wellness Services: Wellness exams, vaccinations, & preventative medicine, Nutritional counseling, and prescription diets
  2. Surgical and Anesthesia Services: General surgery and spay/neuter, Anesthesia, and Patient Monitoring during surgical procedures
  3. Dental and Microchipping Services: Dental cleaning, digital dental radiography, and Microchip installation
  4. Diagnostic and Medical Services: Health certificates, Medical Services, including regular and emergency care 
  5. Additional Services: Emergency and/or Extended Care for critical situations, Grooming services to keep pets clean and comfortable


5- 121 Animal Hospital

Address: 5486 Independence Pkwy, Frisco          Phone: 972-335-2000

Next low-cost vet in Frisco, I bring to you 121 Animal Hospital. Prepare for an extraordinary journey where your pet’s well-being is paramount. From routine vaccinations to specialized treatments, their skilled veterinarians provide top-notch care. They go the extra mile with a focus on preventive medicine, cutting-edge technology, and additional services like grooming and boarding. Expert nutrition guidance and tailored care plans ensure your pet thrives at every age. Choose 121 Animal Hospital in Frisco for exceptional veterinary care at an affordable price, where your pet’s health and happiness are their top priorities.


  1. Boarding and Grooming Services: Cat & dog boarding, Dog grooming, bathing and brushing, hair cut and trimming
  2. Veterinary Care and Examinations: Veterinarian services, animal practice, physical examination, eye examinations, and veterinary ophthalmologist consultations
  3. Preventative Health Services: blood work& tests, Core pet immunizations, Preventative health care, and preventative veterinary care
  4. Diagnostic and Surgical Services: Diagnostic imaging, ultrasound imaging, X-rays, Emergency surgery, soft tissue surgeries, and dental care for pets
  5. Emergency and Specialized Care Services: Emergency veterinarian, urgent care, veterinary medicine, Pet emergency, intensive treatment, and pain medication


6- Lakeside Paws Veterinary Clinic

Address: 10508 Buccaneer Point, Frisco          Phone: 972-415-8359

For top-notch and affordable pet training in Frisco, I highly recommend Lakeside Paws Veterinary Clinic. Focusing on providing balanced training methods, they help dogs surpass training expectations. Their service approach emphasizes the significance of a strong and healthy bond between you and your pet. The dedicated team at Lakeside Paws Veterinary Clinic is committed to supporting your success throughout the training process. Offering free follow-up appointments for the entirety of your dog’s life, they ensure ongoing support and guidance. Additionally, they provide group classes to foster socialization and further enhance your dog’s training experience. Regarding comprehensive veterinary care and professional training, Lakeside Paws Veterinary Clinic is a trusted partner.


  1. Regular Checkups: Routine health, which implies regular checkups.
  2. Emergency Veterinary Care: Urgent care and emergency services
  3. Disease Treatment: Urgent Care for illnesses and Basic disease treatment service.
  4. Personalized Attention and Medical Treatments: Personal care, Routine checkups, and specific medical treatments.
  5. Pet’s Immunization: The Bordetella booster indicates that the clinic provides immunization services.


7- Breezeway Veterinary Services Inc

Address: 15118 King Rd, Frisco          Phone: +1 972-294-4838

Breezeway Veterinary Services Inc in Frisco, TX, is your go-to destination for comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care. Their skilled team provides care for your beloved pets, from routine vaccinations to specialized surgeries. With a deep understanding of the bond between you and your furry companions, they treat your pets with utmost compassion and respect. The dedicated veterinary team is committed to your pets’ long-term health and well-being, delivering personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Breezeway Veterinary Services offers various services, from preventive measures to addressing specific health concerns. Their goal is to ensure your pets receive the best possible care and enjoy a happy, healthy life by your side. Trust Breezeway Veterinary Services for reliable and compassionate veterinary care in Frisco, knowing your pets are in capable hands.


  1. Veterinary Care: Routine checkups, medical treatments, and preventative measures.
  2. Routine Checkup: Total physical exam and routine bloodwork to ensure the pet is healthy.
  3. Pet Diagnostics: Blood testing and clinical diagnostics to identify potential health issues
  4. Surgical Services: Emergency surgery, pet microchipping, teeth cleaning, and pet dental.
  5. Additional Services: Nutrition counseling, parasite prevention, online pharmacy, and pet boarding.


8- Animal Hospital of Frisco, Tx

Animal Hospital of Frisco is your go-to destination for exceptional veterinary care. Their skilled veterinarians and dedicated staff provide cutting-edge medical services for your beloved pet. From daily wellness checkups to advanced diagnostics and surgeries, they offer broad services to meet your pet’s needs. Their emphasis on preventive care is evident through personalized wellness exams and vaccinations. For your convenience, they also provide boarding services when you need to be away, ensuring your pet is well-cared for. Dental care, ultrasound, radiology, microchipping, and in-house laboratory services are available to provide thorough and accurate diagnostics and treatments.  This Low Cost Animal Hospital In Frisco believes in quality rather than quantity. 


  1. Preventative Health Services: Routine preventive care, wellness exams, exams and vaccines, Parasite prevention
  2. Veterinary Medical Services: Advanced diagnostics, in-house laboratory work, veterinary medicine, radiology (X-Ray), and ultrasound examinations.
  3. Dental Services: Dental health, hygiene, and cleaning, including dental and teeth cleanings.
  4. Surgical Procedures: Routine to complex surgical procedures, spaying and neutering services
  5. Specialty Services: Puppy and kitten care, senior care, microchipping for safety, a full pharmacy for convenience, and pet boarding


9- Banfield Pet Hospital

Address: 6299 Ohio Dr, Frisco          Phone: +1 972-335-0225

If you’re seeking affordable veterinary care in Frisco, TX, your search ends at Banfield Pet Hospital. They have earned the community’s trust by providing quality care at cheap vets Frisco. Banfield Pet Hospital understands the need for affordable options without compromising excellent care. They offer a wide range of services, from routine vaccinations to preventive care and emergency services, all at prices that won’t overwhelm you. Their skilled veterinarians and compassionate staff ensure that your furry friends receive top-notch treatment without compromising quality. With convenient wellness plans to spread costs, Banfield Pet Hospital makes budgeting for your pet’s health care easier. Trust Banfield Pet Hospital in Frisco to provide low-cost vet Frisco care without compromising quality, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness while keeping your wallet happy.


  1. Preventive Care: Routine vaccinations, physical exams, nutrition advice, and parasite control.
  2. Diagnostic Services: Diagnostic testing, lab work, digital radiography, and blood tests.
  3. Treatment and Surgery: General surgery, medical therapy, individual treatment plans, and urgent care.
  4. Dental and Oral Care: General dentistry, dental cleanings, and oral health services.
  5. Veterinary Services: Veterinary practice & consultation, veterinary emergency services, and pet health advice.


10- Vetco Total Care Frisco Tx

Address: 5177 Eldorado Pkwy #1486, Frisco          Phone: +1 214-472-8387

As a low-cost veterinary option in Frisco, TX, Vetco Total Care is a go-to destination for quality and affordable pet care. Their commitment to providing accessible veterinary services sets them apart. With a skilled team of professionals, they offer a comprehensive range of services at prices that won’t break the bank. From microchipping and cat-to-dog vaccination to dental care and surgeries, Vetco Total Care ensures your pet receives the necessary care they deserve. Their emphasis on preventive medicine helps keep your furry friend in optimal health while keeping costs in check. With a focus on compassionate care and affordable pricing, Vetco Total Care is a trusted choice for pet owners in Frisco. These affordable vets Frisco veterinary options will offer exceptional care for your pet while maintaining quality and affordability.


  1. Veterinary Services: Compassionate vet care, routine exams, emergency facilities, and specialized treatments.
  2. Diagnostics & Treatments: Diagnostic testing, dental cleanings, emergency surgeries, and pain management.
  3. Grooming & Hygiene: Full grooming services, including haircuts, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.
  4. Training & Behavior: Includes obedience and puppy training classes, group sessions, and potty training.
  5. Pet Supplies: Offering pet beds, toys, food, and insurance plans.


Summing Up

These pet clinics offer a variety of top-notch low-cost vets Frisco options to cater to your pet’s healthcare needs. Whether you choose Vetco Total Care, Banfield Pet Hospital, Breezeway Veterinary Services Inc, or any other reputable clinics in the area, rest assured that your furry companion will receive quality care without breaking the bank. These veterinary clinics prioritize your pet’s well-being and offer services from clean-ups and vaccinations system to specialized treatments and surgeries. Don’t let cost be a barrier to providing your pet the best vet care in frisco. Explore these affordable options and ensure your beloved companion receives the exceptional veterinary care they deserve.