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Top 10 Cheap Vets in El Paso Tx

Cheap Vets in El Paso

When caring for our beloved pets, we all research quality veterinary care without breaking the bank. As such, finding the perfect balance between cost and quality can be daunting, especially if you’re new to El Paso or a pet parent for the first time. After extensive research and visiting various clinics, I have identified 10 cheap vets in El Paso, TX, who provide quality pet healthcare services at affordable prices. We’ve compiled our findings to save you time, money and give you peace of mind knowing your pet will receive the attention they need at a price you can afford.

Our exploration of low-cost vets in El Paso, TX, has considered multiple factors, such as service cost, quality of care, customer reviews, and much more. Let us guide you through the city’s best-kept secrets in affordable veterinary care. Stay tuned as we reveal our top 10 cheap vets in El Paso. 


1- Paws N’ Hooves Veterinary Hospital

Address3233 N Mesa St #210, El Paso          Appointments: 915-584-4491

I have been a Paws N’ Hooves Veterinary Hospital client for several years and can confidently say their care is top-notch. The clinic provides high-quality, personalized medical care that caters to the specific needs of my pets. Exceptional veterinarians like Dr. Starr, Dr. Porras, Dr. Silpa, and Dr. Stotler bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to veterinary medicine. Dr. Porras’s internal medicine and dentistry specialty and his dedication to fear-free tactics ensure my pets are always comfortable. I particularly appreciate Dr. Stotler’s interest in emergency medicine and preventive care, which makes me confident my pets are in good hands. The team’s commitment to ongoing education, evidenced by their AAHA accreditation, sets them apart. Highly recommended!


  1. General Health Services: Vaccines (Shots), Dental Cleanings, and Health Certificates
  2. Specialized Services: Spay/Neuter, Stem Cell & PRP Therapy, Laser Treatment, and Equine Services
  3. In-Hospital Care: Hospitalization, Boarding, and Quarantine
  4. Pharmaceutical Services: Online Pharmacy
  5. Offsite and Foreign Pet Services: House/Farm Visits, foreign Pet Services


2- TLC Animal Hospital

Address: 1851 Lee Trevino Dr, El Paso            Phone: 915-592-6200

Another researched low cost vet, TLC Animal Hospital, a reputable, cheap vet in El Paso, and was deeply impressed. The team, led by Dr. Dashley and Dr. Lara, is professional, passionate, and pet-friendly, ensuring my pet’s comfortable and stress-free experience. Beyond serving as one of the cheap vets in El Paso, they offer a high-quality, Fear Free Certified approach, taking care of both common and foreign pets with an ease that reflects their vast expertise. Their accommodating nature, readiness for unexpected walk-ins, and commitment to affordable yet excellent pet care make them stand out in El Paso’s veterinary scene. Excellent in affordability and quality among El Paso’s cheap vets, TLC Animal Hospital is a trustworthy choice for your pet’s care. An experience not to be missed!


  1. Wellness Care: Preventative Care, Vaccinations, and Internal Medicine
  2. General & Orthopedic Surgery: Soft tissue, Spays & Neuters, Echocardiogram, Digital Dental Radiography
  3. Diagnostic Services: Ultrasound and Laboratory Services
  4. Diagnostic imaging: Radiographs, ultrasound, and echocardiography


3- Desert East Animal Hospital

Address: 11635 Pellicano Dr, El Paso          Appointments: 915-855-4100

In my quest to find another affordable vet in El Paso, I discovered Desert East Animal Hospital. This gem surpassed all my expectations. Their blend of extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology, and a deep love for animals guarantee top-notch service. Despite being among the cheap vets in El Paso, they offer emergency care, always ready to act promptly when the unexpected happens. With the charming couple, Dr. Klein and Dr. Hopp, at the helm, and the no-appointment-needed policy, it is an accessible and trustworthy stop for your pet’s needs. Truly a high-value choice in affordable pet care!


  • Wellness exams and Annual shots
  • Dental exams
  • Blood tests
  • Surgeries, Spaying, and Neutering
  • Hospitalization and Emergency care & urgent Care


4- East El Paso Animal Hospital

Address: 3370 Wedgewood Dr, El Paso          Appointments: 915-593-1712

Exploring further for an economical vet in El Paso, I enjoyed visiting East El Paso Animal Hospital. With a legacy of over 36 years and an enthusiastic team of five vets, it is clear that providing top-quality care is their forte. Despite being among El Paso’s affordable vet options, their service and facilities are state-of-the-art, managed by the admirable Dr. Orlando Garza and his dedicated team. Their extended business hours and acceptance of walk-ins for urgent care are truly impressive. I’d rank East El Paso Animal Hospital among the best budget-friendly vet choices in the area.


  1. Preventative Care: Vaccinations and Wellness Screenings
  2. Diagnostics: Cardiology, CT Scan, and Digital Xrays
  3. Surgery: Laser Surgery, Spay, and Neuter
  4. Dental Services: Dental Surgery and Preventative Dental Care
  5. Additional Services: End of Life Care, Boarding, Grooming, Foreign Pets, Laser Therapy, and On-Site Pharmacy


5- Eastwood Animal Clinic Inc

Address: 9509 Montana Ave, El Paso          Appointments: 915-593-0713

Venturing into yet another low-cost vet clinic in El Paso, I was at Eastwood Animal Clinic. This family-owned establishment has a welcoming environment, making it a comfort zone for pets and owners. Despite being one of El Paso’s cheap vets, the quality of care delivered by Dr. George and Dr. Sammy Gibson is beyond reproach. Their policy of accepting both walk-ins and appointments ensures flexibility and convenience. Moreover, their empathy toward pets and considerate approach toward owners with limited financial resources truly set them apart. Eastwood Animal Clinic is ideal for affordable, high-quality pet care in El Paso.


  1. Orthopedic Surgery
  2. Spay and Neuter Surgery
  3. Wellness Examinations and Vaccinations
  4. Boarding & Grooming
  5. Laboratory Services
  6. Declawing


6- Holy Family Pet Care

Address: 4400 N Mesa St #8, El Paso          Appointments: 915-532-7387

Exploring affordable vets in El Paso led me to Holy Family Pet Care, a sanctuary where pets are treated like family. While providing low-cost veterinary services, Dr. Melinda Martinez and her team maintain the quality of care. Their full spectrum of services, from emergency to routine care, is commendable. Their efforts to reduce stress for pets, coupled with the emphasis on educating owners about pet health and preventative care, are truly remarkable. This spot stands out as a perfect blend of affordability, compassion, and professionalism in the El Paso vet scene. I can’t recommend Holy Family Pet Care enough. For more information visit official website:


  1. Wellness Exams:  Annual physical exam, heartworm test, and monthly heartworm preventive medication
  2. Geriatric and Hospice Care: Comprehensive physical exam and pain management.
  3. Dental Care: Dental care, dental exams, dental cleanings, extractions, and pain management. 
  4. Allergies: External parasites and skin infections
  5. Internal Medicine and Diagnostics: Comprehensive physical exams, comprehensive blood panels, x-rays, and referrals
  6. Veterinary Surgery: Spaying and neutering laceration repairs, growth removals, and foreign body removals.


7- Montana Animal Clinic

Address: 11237 Rojas Dr, El Paso           Appointments: 915-778-9588

Continuing my search for low vets in El Paso, I chanced upon Montana Animal Clinic. The clinic, under the expertise of Dr. Dettman, offers an impressive blend of high-quality services and warm, compassionate care. Despite being a cheap vet in El Paso, the level of dedication to the well-being of pets is unparalleled, treating each pet as their own. Dr. Dettman’s exceptional skills, especially in soft tissue surgery, and her love for animals shine through in her work. Montana Animal Clinic is undoubtedly a top-notch choice for anyone seeking cost-effective, high-quality pet care in El Paso.


  1. Veterinary Care: Physical Examination, Diagnostic Procedures, Dental Care, Emergency Treatment, and Acute Care
  2. Diagnostics and Treatments: Diagnostic Testing, Dentistry Surgery, Critical Care, and Digital Radiography
  3. Pharmacy Services: Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  4. Animal Health and Safety: Animal Poison Control and Animal Rescue
  5. Facility Services: Animal Clinic, Boarding Services, Exams, and Consultations


8- Foothills Animal Clinic El Paso

Address: 710 Belvidere St A, El Paso          Appointments: 915-833-4883

In my pursuit of affordable vets in El Paso, I was drawn to Foothills Animal Clinic, a pillar of animal care in the community for over 30 years. Led by Dr. Cortinas, the team exhibits exceptional dedication and compassion, offering top-tier yet low-cost vet services. Their commitment to preventative care and educating pet owners is highly commendable. Every pet is treated like a member of their own family at this clinic, reassuring owners like myself that our pets are in the safest hands. Foothills Animal Clinic is an excellent choice in El Paso for affordable and reliable pet care.


  1. Routine Care: Examinations, Vaccinations, and Prevention
  2. Diagnostics: Radiology, Laboratory, and Electrocardiography
  3. General Care: Pharmacy, Dietary Counseling, and Microchipping
  4. Surgical Services: Surgery, Anesthesia, and Spaying and Neutering
  5. Dentistry and Internal Medicine


9- Adobe Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic

Address: 3140 Trawood Dr, El Paso          Appointments: 915-855-6966

Navigating through various cheap vets in El Paso, Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic stands out significantly. Their experienced and caring team, led by the locally-born Dr. Gearhart, provides pets with comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. The clinic is professionally equipped and exudes a calming and child-friendly environment, ensuring an enjoyable visit for all family members. Dr. Gearhart’s four decades of dedication to veterinary practice translate into superior care and peace of mind for pet owners. Adobe Animal Hospital is a top contender for reliable, high-quality, and affordable veterinary care in El Paso.


  1. Pet Vaccinations, Pet Wellness & Preventative Care
  2. Veterinary Laboratory and Diagnostics
  3. Pet Dental Care
  4. Veterinary Surgery and Spay & Neuter
  5. Pet Microchipping


10- West Texas Veterinary Services

Address: 12295 Pellicano Dr # 5, El Paso          Appointment: 915-282-0868

Among the cheap vets in El Paso, Crossroads Animal Hospital distinctly shines for its thorough and compassionate care. The full-service animal hospital, equipped with a team of highly experienced veterinarians, offers services ranging from routine check-ups to urgent medical interventions at affordable pricing. Their kid-friendly, serene clinic atmosphere makes every visit stress-free for pets and owners. The hospital’s strong commitment to educating pet owners is commendable. Above all, their philosophy of treating clients as top priority mirrors their exceptional customer service. Crossroads Animal Hospital is undoubtedly a go-to for quality and affordable veterinary care in El Paso.


  1. Vaccine: Distemper-Parvo, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Rabies, Kennel Cough (Bordatella), Dewormer and Anal Gland Expression
  2. Dental Cleanings: Dental Extractions, Anesthesia, Catheter/fluids, and dental scaling/polishing. 
  3. Surgeries: Orthopedic procedures, Pre-operative bloodwork, and Spay/Neuter Services
  4. Other Services: Nail Trim, Sick Pet Exam, Microchip, Heartworm Test, FIV/FELV Test, and Parvo Test.



El Paso, Texas, is fortunate to be home to many affordable, high-quality veterinary services. These cheap vets in El Paso, including Eastwood Animal Clinic, Holy Family Pet Care, Montana Animal Clinic, Foothills Animal Clinic, Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic, and Crossroads Animal Hospital, stand out due to their experienced and dedicated teams, comprehensive services, and their passion for animals’ wellbeing. Each clinic offers its unique charm, whether it’s a family-oriented atmosphere, top-notch surgical procedures, or comforting environments for pets. They all prioritize affordability without compromising the quality of care, making them accessible to a broader range of pet owners.

These veterinary clinics truly embody the spirit of El Paso: warm, friendly, and committed to community welfare. Their steadfast dedication to ensuring our beloved pets’ health and happiness makes them invaluable to the El Paso community. For any correction Or suggestions, Contact Us to healping.