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6 Cheap Vets in Denton, Tx [Updated Prices]

Cheap Vets in Denton tx

Denton is a city in the US and the 20th most populous city in Texas, with a population of 139,869 as of 2020. Denton residents are fond of pets, especially dogs and cats. The city’s temperature is lower, so pets need clinical care within time.

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Due to the higher demand, vets have increased the prices of their hospitals, but I need to find the top 6 cheap vets in Denton Tx for your furry pet. They are affordable and provide extraordinary services to your pet, from regular checkups to surgical services. We asked the clients to visit personally, and they recommended these vets to pet owners.

The cheap vets listed below in Denton, TX, are low-cost, have 5-star reviews, and offer the best service.


1. Companion Animal Hospital Denton

Address: 2010 Denison St, Denton, TX              Phone: +1 940-382-8689

Companion Animal Hospital in Denton, Texas, earns glowing reviews from clients delighted by their affordable and efficient services. Boasting a range of veterinary care, surgeries, and on-site dentistry, the hospital caters to all animals. One client, thrilled with the speedy examination and lower-than-expected costs, pledges a return visit. Another praises the hospital’s compassionate and affordable bunny spaying services, highlighting their bunnies’ quick recovery.

Clients appreciate Companion Animal Hospital’s welcoming atmosphere, especially when compared with disappointing experiences elsewhere. The low-cost animal clinic in Denton, TX, ‘s commitment to accessible and affordable care makes it a preferred choice for quality veterinary services in Denton.

Prices$: Prices are reasonable, Starting from $70 for routine checkups


  1. Emergency and Routine Veterinary Care
  2. Veterinary Advice and Future Care Tips
  3. Compassionate End-of-Life Care
  4. Reasonable costs of services provided
  5. Professional and Caring Staff
  6. Management of Chronic Conditions
  7. Walk-in and Timely Appointments


2. Animal Hospital On Teasley Lane

Address: 3517 Teasley Ln, Denton, TX              Phone: +1 940-382-6939

During my visit, the staff displayed friendliness and excellent care, particularly with client’s furry pets.  Dr. Epstein’s compassion and understanding, along with affordable prices, made a difficult decision more bearable. The caring approach extended to follow-up calls and reasonable costs for general wellness visits. Returning to Animal Hospital on Teasley was a wise choice for my new puppies.

Their quote for a dog’s spay was under $200, significantly more affordable than the alternative estimate exceeding $1000. The clinic’s affordability and care during the procedure were appreciated. Another instance showcased the clinic’s honesty, saving a pet owner over $3,000 by advising against unnecessary surgery for a healing leg injury. Clients prefer this low cost vet clinic Denton tx.


  • Elliot’s emergency visit: $60
  • Sage’s euthanasia: No charge
  • Frito’s shots and medication: Affordable
  • Puppy’s spay: Under $200
  • Second opinion on leg injury: Savings of over $3,000
  • Itching diagnosis and antibiotics: Approximately $100


  1. Urgent care is available for tummy troubles, skin or ear infections, urinary discomfort, and injury
  2. Veterinary medicine, wellness exam
  3. Itching diagnosis and antibiotics
  4. Sage’s euthanasia
  5. House bloodwork and X-rays
  6. Spay and neuter surgeries, cystotomies, mass removals
  7. Regular dental care


3- Denton Veterinary Center

Address: 1901 Wind River Ln #100, Denton, TX              Phone: +1 940-380-9393

Denton Veterinary Center has been a trusted partner in pet healthcare since 1991, offering comprehensive services to the Denton community. Clients appreciate the family-like treatment, making them feel at ease. Dr. Hudson, known for her empathy, diagnosed a complex case accurately and provided ongoing support for a diabetic dog, ensuring his well-being. Another client praises Dr. McComas for her thoroughness and kindness during a first visit for an aging pet.

The clinic’s transparency and informative approach, combined with treats for the pets, impress clients. Affordable services, discounts, and a client referral program add to the positive experience, making Denton Veterinary Center a top choice for quality pet care.


Prices start from $150 for physical exam and prescribed eye


  • Regular nose-to-tail exams and Utilize early detection strategies.
  • Dental care and microchipping
  • Testing & Diagnostics for early detection
  • Utilize a team of board-certified veterinarians
  • Provide advanced specialty services across various disciplines
  • Surgical Procedures routine to advanced surgeries
  • Emergency medical care


4- Town and Country Animal Hospital

Address: 1220 Poinsettia Blvd, Denton, TX            Phone: +1 940-382-1986

Choosing Town and Country Animal Hospital is an essential decision for pet owners seeking advanced and compassionate veterinary care. Dr. Beau Black, now a part-owner, joined in 2015, focusing on quality care for small and large animals. Clients praise the clinic for its outstanding services at reasonable prices. Dr. Tucker receives accolades for his exceptional care of dogs, cats, and even goats.  A client faced with a sick French Bulldog recounts their journey seeking multiple opinions, spending over $2200 for emergency services. 

Another client expresses satisfaction with the attentive care provided to their critically ill cat, praising the knowledgeable staff and reasonable pricing. The clinic’s expertise extends to farm animals, with positive experiences treating a sick momma goat. The knowledgeable staff and vet, coupled with reasonable prices, make Town and Country Animal Hospital a highly recommended choice for comprehensive and affordable veterinary care.

Prices: Very reasonably priced services at the clinic.


  1. Wellness exams for Puppies & Kittens
  2. Nutrition and Parasite Prevention
  3. Internal Medicine and Surgery
  4. Dermatology and Acupuncture for Large Animal
  5. Ultrasound and Consultation
  6. Emergency


5- Dove Creek Animal Hospital

Address: 1200 Bent Oaks Ct, Denton, TX            Phone: +1 940-387-3313

Visiting this low cost vet denton texas has been a mixed experience for pet owners. Initially, normal wellness checks received high ratings. However, when a service animal sustained an injury, the client faced unexpected challenges. They were quoted $75 for scans, but upon arrival, the vet’s behavior was questionable. The vet barely examined the dog, yet a bill of $161 was presented, leading to a dispute about the initially quoted price.  Another client visited for a spay, which cost an initial $50 spay cost. On a positive note, another client praises the prompt scheduling by Jessica, even minutes before closing time.

The concern for their pet’s health, followed by a diagnosis of a bad UTI, resulted in a positive experience with antibiotics and pain meds. The vet and staff at Dove Creek in Denton received a commendation for their patience and care during the visit. These varied experiences highlight the importance of clear communication on pricing and the need for consistent, compassionate care in veterinary services.


  • $75 for scans and the vet visit combined.
  • A discrepancy led to a charge of $161 for a consultation that included no physical examination.
  • The spaying procedure is $50, with additional fees accumulating to the high total.
  • The standard visit is around $50 based on the deposit taken.


  1. Full spectrum of care from wellness exams to emergency services.
  2. Regular health assessments for pets to ensure they are in good health.
  3. Immediate treatment is available for acute and severe conditions.
  4. Includes affordable scans and x-rays to diagnose injuries and illnesses.
  5. Surgical services range from minor procedures to complex operations.
  6. Cleaning, extractions, and other dental services.
  7. Guidance on diet for optimal health and special conditions.
  8. Medication and treatments to relieve pain in injured or ill pets.
  9. End-of-Life Care
  10. Immunizations to prevent severe and joint diseases.
  11. Offering microchip placement and registration for pet safety and identification.
  12. Treatments to prevent fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites.


6- Bullock Cody DVM

Address: 2720 James St, Denton, TX            Phone: +1 940-383-3731

Dr. Cody Bullock has been the go-to vet for a decade, offering exceptional care to dogs since their puppy days. The staff’s kindness and efficient service have kept clients loyal, and the prices remain unbeatable. Referrals to Dr. Cody are frequent, appreciating the consistent positive experiences. The dedication and passion for pets shine through, making each visit worthwhile.

Over five years, the team’s knowledge has kept fur kids in excellent shape, with quick accommodations and reasonable pricing. Despite negative reviews, Dr. Cody’s genuine care for animals is evident, making him a trusted vet. The team is commended for years of outstanding service.


  • Offers comprehensive veterinary care, including check-ups, emergencies, and surgeries.
  • Provides immediate treatment for pet emergencies.
  • Administers vaccinations, conducts health exams, and promotes preventive care.
  • Equipped for extensive diagnostics like blood tests and X-rays.



In Denton, TX, high-quality, affordable veterinary care is available at these top 6 cheap vet clinics. Each clinic, from Companion Animal Hospital to Bullock Cody DVM, offers comprehensive services ranging from routine checkups to intricate surgeries at reasonable prices. These clinics are distinguished by their compassionate care, transparent pricing, and expertise in handling various animals.

For pet owners seeking value without sacrificing quality, these vet practices stand out as exemplary choices, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness are well cared for in a welcoming environment.