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10 Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Tx

Low Cost Vets in Pasadena

Discovering affordable, quality pet care in Pasadena, Texas, became more manageable. Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring the Top 10 Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas, specially designed to keep your pet healthy and your wallet happy. Our list features a diverse mix of animal healthcare providers, and each is committed to offering premium services at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether budget-friendly clinics or economically sensible full-service animal hospitals, we’ve covered it. So, join us as we explore Pasadena’s best-kept secrets in budget-friendly pet care, where every purr, wag, and chirp is catered to without stretching your budget. Here, excellent care meets great value – because we believe every pet deserves the best, irrespective of the price tag.


1- SNAP Spay-Neuter & Animal Wellness Clinic

Address: 913 Shaw Ave, Pasadena          Phone: +1 713-343-1700  

We discovered a gem in the Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas search – the noteworthy SNAP Clinic. Tailored to budget-conscious pet parents who refuse to compromise on quality care, SNAP Clinic fulfills its mission to offer top-notch, easy-to-access, and economical veterinary services. They ensure their prices cater to every budget, from nail trimming at a mere $20 to complete vaccination packages starting from $20. It’s not just about affordability, though. The dedicated veterinarians at SNAP Clinic guarantee your pet receives excellent care, reinforcing the bond you share with your four-legged friend. If you’re scouting for a cheap vet clinic in Pasadena, Texas, SNAP Clinic surely tops the list with its price-conscious approach and comprehensive care.

Services & Highlights

  1. The clinic is lauded for its Spaying and Neutering service at quality and reasonable pricing.
  2. Wellness Exams like Rabies, DA2PP (Canine Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Leptospirosis, and Canine influenza Bivalent.
  3. Feline Veccinations & Laboratory Tests
  4. Nail Trimming ($20) and Microchipping (includes registration)($25)


2- Spencer Animal Hospital

Address: 7022 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena          Phone: +1 281-476-0066

Here goes with another affordable animal hospital in Pasadena, Texas – the iconic Spencer Animal Hospital. A cherished part of the Pasadena community since 1974, this full-service veterinary clinic offers a perfect blend of top-notch care and compassionate service without breaking the bank. Led by the committed and experienced Dr. Dennis Mangum and his skilled team, including the equally dedicated Dr. Andrew Penn, they treat every pet as a particular family member. While they don’t disclose prices upfront, their friendly care and longstanding reputation for excellence make them a go-to choice for many pet parents in the area. The bonus is their personalized touch, making you and your pet feel at home. Spencer Animal Hospital is a commendable choice in Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas.

Services & Highlights

  1. Pet Wellness includes vaccination, heartworm testing, Pet Exams, and parasite preventatives.
  2. Dental Care, Spay & Neuter for Dogs and Cats
  3. Vaccinations and Dental Care 
  4. Surgery and Laser Therapy
  5. Dermatology, Boarding & Grooming for Dogs and Cats
  6. Emergency service is available 24/7 


3- VCA Animal Medical Center of Pasadena

Address: 5018A Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena          Phone: +1 281-487-8233

Introducing you to another excellent choice for Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas – VCA Animal Medical Center of Pasadena. Their longevity speaks volumes, with an astounding 100 years of combined experience, making them a reliable, trusted partner for your pet’s health. My experience with their staff, particularly Associate Veterinarians Thomas Bae and Yolmari Denney, has always been incredibly positive. They go above and beyond to make every pet feel comfortable, exemplifying their commitment to helping pets live long, healthy, and happy lives. Cortney S., the Hospital Manager, brings a heartwarming energy that radiates throughout the clinic. For a cost-effective and heartwarming veterinary experience in Pasadena, the VCA Animal Medical Center can’t be overlooked.

Services & Highlights

  1. Advanced Care: Dental Care, Bone, Joint Surgery, Digital Radiology. Echocardiography, Soft Tissue Surgery, and Ultrasound.
  2. Canine and Feline Diabetes: Cat Diabetes, Dog Diabetes.
  3. Pet Boarding & Grooming: Cat Boarding, Climate Controlled Boarding, Dog Boarding, and Spa.
  4. Preventive Care: Adult and Senior Wellness, Flea and Tick Control, Microchipping, Vaccinations, and Much More.
  5. Primary Care: Allergy and Itchy Skin Relief, Dental Care, Emergency Care, Euthanasia Services, Spays and Neuters, and More.


4- Amigos Pet Clinic

Address: 4215 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena          Phone: +1 832-991-8811

Here’s a hidden gem in the Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas scene, Amigos Pet Clinic. Having visited several times, the balance between price and quality is just right. This full-service animal hospital truly shines with its accommodating nature, accepting walk-ins and scheduled appointments. Their team is highly committed and handles every pet with utmost care. The no-check policy helps ensure smooth transactions, and their requirements for leashes and carriers speak volumes about their safety concern. If you’re looking for a cheap yet quality-filled animal hospital in Pasadena, Tx, Amigos Pet Clinic should top your list.

Services & Highlights

  1. Veterinary Care: Diagnosing, Treating, Skin allergies, Serious wounds, vaccinations, and regular check-ups.
  2. Dental Care and Surgeries: Tooth extraction and more complex surgeries, such as amputations and spaying.
  3. Grooming Services: Including bathing, combing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.
  4. Quick Service: Provide prompt service to minimize the waiting time and Handle sensitive situations like pet euthanasia.


5- Richey Animal Clinic

Address: 802 Richey St, Pasadena          Phone: +1 713-473-7400

Affordable and reliable are the words that spring to mind when thinking about Richey Animal Clinic in Pasadena, Texas. A wellness exam for as low as $35.00, and comprehensive care at just $55.00, it’s hard to find such prices elsewhere! Not to mention, they also offer microchipping for a fair $30.80. Dr. Sullivan, the practice owner, is a seasoned vet and a hometown hero born and raised right here in Pasadena. His dedication to animal welfare shines through in every interaction. He’s truly a standout in the landscape of Low Cost Vets in Pasadena, Texas. This trustworthy animal hospital combines excellent care with a cost-effective approach, making it an easy choice for any pet parent.

Services & Highlights

  1. Identification(Microchipping) and Behavioral Services
  2. Emergency & Critical Care
  3. Preventative Care: Wellness Care, Vaccinations, and Nutrition Counseling
  4. Specialized Care: Pain Management, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology, and Dental Care
  5. Other Services: Spay/Neuter Services, Bathing, Cremation Services, and Euthanasia Services


6- Fairmont Pet Hospital

Address: 824 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena          Phone: +1 713-943-3341

A gem in the heart of Texas, Fairmont Pet Hospital is the epitome of top-notch veterinary care. I couldn’t believe it when I learned that an office visit costs just $25! Not to mention their brilliant team. Dr. Pennika’s dedication and Dr. Sambangi’s wealth of knowledge have impressed me. Dr. Ravi’s gentle touch made my cat’s dental cleaning visit a breeze. The hospital’s quality care and cleanliness match the professionalism of its staff, providing a haven for our furry friends. Honestly, it’s the best of low-cost vets in Pasadena, Texas. For the price criteria and more information visit Pricing Page.

Services & Highlights

  1. Wellness Exams: Outpatient, wellness, and second opinion exams and consultations.
  2. Preventative & Diagnostic: Covers preventative care, vaccinations, and health certificates, along with in-house laboratory diagnostic services like fecal testing, radiology, cytology, and more.
  3. Treatments & Hospitalization: Consists of various treatments such as pain management, diabetes management, and fluid therapy.
  4. Pharmacy and Nutrition Services: Involves in-house pharmacy services, provision of prescription foods, and dietary consultations.
  5. Specialized Services:  Dentistry, microchipping, specialist referrals, and end-of-life care like euthanasia and cremation services.


7- Red Bluff Animal Hospital

Address: 5009 Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena          Phone: +1 281-487-1101

Navigating the 24-hour veterinary care in Pasadena, Texas, might seem daunting, but it’s a breeze with Red Bluff Animal Hospital. Not only is their pricing reasonable, but their care is unmatched. The magic touch of Dr. Sullivan, a vet born and bred in Pasadena, is evident in his treatment approach. Dr. Kleck, an experienced surgeon with an impressive repertoire of knowledge, joins him. This dynamic duo has genuinely transformed the landscape of low-cost vets in Pasadena, Texas, offering an unbeatable blend of reliability and expertise. Remember, being budget-conscious doesn’t mean compromising quality, and Red Bluff Animal Hospital is a shining example.

Services & Highlights

  1. Wellness and Preventative Care: Comprehensive physical care, vaccinations, spay/neuter services, internal parasite control, and microchipping for various pets.
  2. Behavioral and Internal Medicine: Diagnosing and treating behavioral issues and specialized internal medical care.
  3. Emergency, Critical Care, and Surgery: Emergency and surgical services, including advanced sterilization techniques and intensive post-surgery care.
  4. Pharmacy and Pain Management: In-house pharmacy providing necessary medications and comprehensive pain management solutions.
  5. End-of-Life and Dental Care: Professional dental cleanings, euthanasia, and cremation services, focusing on the comfort and dignity of pets.


8- Banfield Pet Hospital

Address: 5722 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena          Phone: +1 281-991-5958

Discovering Banfield Pet Hospital in Pasadena, Texas, was like hitting the jackpot for me as a pet owner. The quality of care they provide, along with their remarkably affordable prices, truly makes them one of the best low cost vets in the area. The vets are incredibly knowledgeable and treat my furry family member with so much love and care. Also, the fees have never given me shock; in fact, their transparency in pricing is something I truly appreciate. They’re committed to making quality pet care accessible to all. What a relief it is to have them on my side. You can also read about Banfield Pet, if you live near Grand Prairie Tx

Services & Highlights

  1. Regular Check-ups: Thorough health assessments, including routine examinations, vital sign checks, and behavioral evaluations.
  2. Vaccinations: Administration of essential vaccines to shield pets from various diseases, ensuring their robust health.
  3. Wellness Plans: Comprehensive wellness plans offer preventative and all-inclusive pet care services for optimal well-being.
  4. Surgical Procedures: Expert surgical procedures, including general surgeries, spaying, neutering, and advanced laser surgery.
  5. Emergency Care: Prompt and efficient emergency care services for illnesses, injuries, and other urgent health concerns.


9- Angel Animal Hospital

Address: 3323 Burke Rd, Pasadena          Phone: +1 713-944-2424

For me, another best and low-cost vet in Pasadena, Texas, is Angel Animal Hospital. These folks understand that pets are family, and their dedication shines through in their affordable prices. The expertise and compassion of Dr. Gotcher, Dr. Potter Francis, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Helaire are outstanding. Their vast knowledge and commitment to pet health reassured me that my fur baby was in good hands. On top of that, the reasonable costs were a pleasant surprise. Angel Animal Hospital has indeed been a godsend for budget-conscious pet parents like me in the area. 

Services & Highlights

  1. Pet Exams, Cat and Dog Vaccinations
  2. Cat and Dog Boarding/Grooming
  3. Surgery, Laser Therapy, and Pet Microchipping
  4. Cat and Dog Spay and Neuter
  5. Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning and Dentistry
  6. Cat and Dog X-Rays and Diagnostics


10- ALL Heart Mobile Veterinary Services

Appointments:          Phone: +1 832-523-5986

In search of low-cost vets in Pasadena, Texas, I happened upon ALL Heart Mobile Veterinary Services, another trustworthy and reliable vet. The house call fees were affordable, starting at $40, depending on the zip code. Dr. Lovell is an exceptional professional; her expertise in various fields, from ophthalmology to endocrinology, put me at ease. She’s a member of several respected vet associations, giving even more weight to her credibility. The manager, Katherine Powers, and her dedicated team also deserve mention. Even as a budget-conscious pet owner, I felt every penny spent was worthwhile. ALL Heart Mobile Veterinary Services is, without a doubt, one of the best low-cost vet clinics nearby in Pasadena, TX.

Services & Highlights

  1. On-Spot Diagnosis & Treatment: Diagnosis of health issues, immediate treatment, and ensuring quick recovery.
  2. Transparent Pricing: Prices are competitive and communicated upfront.
  3. Mobile Veterinary Services: Dr. Lovell’s team operates mobile comprehensive checkups or treatments.
  4. Home Euthanasia: Compassionate in-home euthanasia services.
  5. Emergency Care: Emergency care ensures that pets receive immediate care when they need it the most.


Final Remarks

Searching for cheap and best pet care in Pasadena, Texas, can be manageable. Whether you’re a budget-conscious pet parent or prefer a more economically sensible approach, Pasadena, Texas, has many options. From the compassionate care at SNAP Clinic and Spencer Animal Hospital to the stellar mobile services of ALL Heart Veterinary Services, finding a low-cost vet in this vibrant city is both feasible and rewarding. With these top-notch facilities, you can ensure your pet receives the best care without breaking the bank. Quality care and affordability can co-exist, and the vet clinics in Pasadena, Texas, stand as a testament to this. After all, every pet deserves the best, no matter the cost.