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Animal Birth Control Clinic Waco Texas | Review

ABC clinic Waco

The ABC Clinic waco texas  emerges as a beacon for those with limited income, providing reasonably priced flea meds, spay/neuter discounts, and essential vaccines. A standout feature is their heartworm checks, emphasizing the clinic’s commitment to comprehensive pet care. Recognizing the importance of mosquito control in preventing heartworm, the clinic ensures accessibility to affordable medications, such as $20 for a 30-day chewable flea med for an average-sized Chihuahua. Clients value the clinic’s fast, friendly, and upfront approach to spaying/neutering, always delivering on cost transparency and maintaining affordability.

Sarah Moran, the compassionate guide, assisted in discovering the Animal Birth Control Clinic, making the process of caring for her dogs seamless and incredibly affordable. Impressed by the clinic’s great service to the community, multiple visits for neutering were marked by swift and efficient morning intakes and afternoon pickups, reflecting genuine care for the animals. The staff’s friendly demeanor and the unbeatable prices have fostered a positive experience for her over the last 5 years, earning the clinic a high recommendation.

Clients appreciate their customer services; one of the clients got her pets flea medicine, spayed and neutered, and all of their shots because of low-cost spaying and neutering if you’re low on income and free food if it’s available for people who don’t have money to keep their pets fed in tough times. She wants to thank waco Animal birth control  for the help that they give the community. As a groomer, she sees neglected and abused dogs & cats a lot and commends you for what you do!

ABC History

The Animal Birth Control Clinic waco Texas stands as a beacon of compassion and affordability in the realm of veterinary care. Founded as a part of the Animal Aid Humane Society in 1971, the clinic has evolved into a dedicated entity, focusing on the critical aspects of spay/neuter services. In 1988, the clinic emerged as a low-cost alternative, aiming to address the challenge of unwanted and euthanized animals in the community.

Services Price of ABC Veterinary Clinic Waco Texas:

Currently performing around 265 surgeries per week, the clinic prioritizes affordable care for Waco and McLennan County Texas residents. |Source

Surgical Costs:

  1. Dog Spay: $100
  2. Dog Neuter: $100
  3. Cat Spay: $45
  4. Cat Neuter: $35
  5. Pregnant or In Heat: $10
  6. Cryptorchid (single): $20
  7. Extra Large Dogs 100lbs-120lbs: $130
  8. Hernia Repair: $20
  9. Pyometra: $20-100
  10. Free spay/neuter for cats or dogs of low-income and qualifying families.

Spay/Neuter Cost:

  • Social Dog Package: $70 including Bordetella for social, groomed, and boarded dogs.
  • Social Puppy Package: $135 including Bordetella for social, groomed, and boarded puppies.
  • Dog Package: $50 includes Heartworm Test, Rabies, DA2PP, with Lepto (optional).
  • Cat Package: $35 includes Feline FVRCP/LEUK Combo Vaccination and Rabies.
  • Puppy or Kitten Package: $125 includes boosters, dewormings, microchip, spay/neuter surgery, Rabies, and 1 month of flea & heartworm medication.

Individual Services Cost:

  1. Nail Trim: $15
  2. Heart Heartworm Test: $25
  3. Alternative Heartworm Treatment: $60
  4. Microchip: $25
  5. Feline FVRCP: $15
  6. Feline FVRCP/Leuk: $30
  7. Canine Leptospirosis: $15
  8. Canine Bordatella: $20
  9. Canine DA2PP: $30
  10. Canine DA2PP +Lepto: $30
  11. Rabies: $15

ABC waco Texas Special Program 

CommC.A.T. (Community Cat Action Team), part of ABC’s successful Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, plays a crucial role in the humane management of outdoor cat populations. With a focus on reducing undesirable behaviors and fostering healthier communities, ABC’s TNR initiative offers affordable veterinary care.

The program addresses the need for cat neutering or spaying at $30 or $40, respectively, along with mandatory Rabies vaccination at $15 and Feline Vaccinations at $30. By providing resources and accessible services, ABC aims to contribute to calmer neighborhoods and prevent outdoor cats from entering shelters with uncertain outcomes.

Additionally, for those requiring assistance with surgery costs, the clinic staff is available for inquiries, offering support and guidance to enhance the success of the TNR program. Please pick up the trap at 3238 Clay Avenue, Waco, TX, with a $50 refundable deposit per trap, which can also be used for feline care or donated to our community projects.

Upon collection, you’ll need to sign an agreement and complete a brief orientation. Animal Birth Control Clinic Waco Texas provides various veterinary services at affordable rates. Follow the guidelines for effective trapping and safe transportation of cats to our clinic for care, ensuring a smooth process for volunteers and the safety of the cats.

Spay and Neuter Q&A

Q: What is spay and neuter?

A: Common surgical procedures to reduce reproductive hormones and prevent animals from reproducing. Spaying removes ovaries and uterus in females, while neutering removes testicles in males.

Q:Why should my pet be spayed or neutered?

A: Promotes better behavior, health, longevity, and reduces the risk of certain cancers and infections. It’s also beneficial for community welfare, minimizing the burden of unwanted animals.

Q: What age should my pet be spayed or neutered?

A: Puppies and kittens can undergo spay/neuter surgery at four to five months for a healthier and faster recovery.