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Top 10 Low Cost Vets in Fort Worth, Tx

Low Cost Vets in Fort Worth Tx

Fort Worth, Texas, the “City of Cowboys and Culture,” has an ever-growing pet community and, in response to this, a flourishing industry of low-cost veterinary clinics. These clinics are dedicated to the wellness of the animals, providing top-quality care while understanding the financial concerns of their owners. Navigating through the vast number of options can be challenging. Hence we’ve curated a list of the Top 10 Low Cost Vets in Fort Worth Tx. This guide will offer insight into their services, locations, and prices, allowing pet owners to choose the perfect place for their furry friends. The mission is simple: to help you provide the best for your pets without breaking the bank. So, let’s dive in and explore these hidden gems in the heart of Texas. 

Head towards the first Low cost vet fort worth, mentioned below in the listed clinics. 


1- Spay Neuter Network

Address: 3117 E Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, TX          Phone: 972-472-3500

One name stands out when exploring the pet care scene in Fort Worth: the Spay Neuter Network. Known for its affordable services. SNN is a game-changer among the low-cost vets in the city. The doctors at SNN are not just recognized nationally for their clinical expertise but also admired locally for their compassionate and effective communication with pets and owners alike. With a deep-rooted history dating back to 2004, their journey to the pinnacle of pet care is just as impressive as their performance statistics for 2023. Just look at their impressive numbers for 2023! Their balance of affordability and top-tier care makes SNN a pet owner’s dream. In short, for anyone in Fort Worth seeking exceptional yet budget-friendly care for their furry pals, the Spay Neuter Network shines like a guiding star. For appointment or booking visit:


  1. Veterinary Services: Animal Surgery, Dental Cleaning, Medical Care, and Prevention Test
  2. Pet Healthcare: Heartworm Treatment, Parasite Prevention, Flea & Tick Prevention
  3. Pet Wellness Services: Vaccination Services, Nutrition, Boarding, and Grooming
  4. Spay/Neuter Services: Free Spay/Neuter and Pet Spay And Neuter
  5. Safety Services: Microchip Clinic, Dog Training, Pet Safety, and Rescue Organizations


2- ABC Animal Clinic and Hospital

Address: 500 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX          Phone: 817-332-8787

Here comes the second low cost; in the heart of Fort Worth’s Medical District stands a beacon for pet care – ABC Animal Clinic & Hospital. Established in 1977 as a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, this institution has gracefully evolved into a full-service yet cheap animal hospital in Fort Worth, TX. They balance various services with affordable pricing, making a difference in the community. ABC’s mission to provide compassionate, professional care while prioritizing disease prevention is admirable and essential. The clinic’s vets, who bring their vast experience and rich history to the table, are the backbone of ABC. They take pride in educating pet owners – a testament to their dedication beyond immediate treatments. So if you’re searching for an economical yet dependable vet service with a stellar legacy in Fort Worth, ABC Animal Clinic & Hospital is a shining choice. See the affordable prices for all service.


  1. Regular Checkups: Medical Examinations, Yearly Examinations, and Preventative Care Examinations
  2. Diagnostic Services: In-House Diagnostics, Blood Test, Fecal Testing, Digital X-Rays, Radiographic Imaging, and Heartworm Testing
  3. Surgical and Medical Procedures: Anesthetic Procedures, Medical Treatments, Orthopedics And Soft Tissue, Tooth Extractions, and Spays And Neuters
  4. Preventive and Wellness Care: Veterinary Medicine, Disease Prevention, Heartworm Prevention, GI Parasites, and Dental Care
  5. Additional Services: Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling, Pharmacy, and Health Certificate


3- Penny Paws Animal Clinic Fort Worth

Address: 3748 Basswood Blvd, Fort Worth, TX          Phone: 817-993-0616

Let me introduce you to a low-cost vet clinic in Fort Worth, TX, with a genuine love for pets and their caretakers – no place fits the bill better than Penny Paws Animal Clinic. At the heart of Penny Paws is a deep-seated vision to enrich lives by fulfilling pets’ healthcare needs. The clinic’s expansive network offers easily accessible, convenient, and economical veterinary health care that epitomizes its mission. The team’s values reflect honesty, compassion, and an unwavering positive attitude. Then there are Marissa and Breanna, the welcoming receptionists who maintain the front desk and advocate for the voiceless. Their commitment and love for their work are reflected in the smiles of satisfied pet owners. Penny Paws isn’t just a clinic, and it’s a community where everyone is driven by the same goal – helping people by helping pets. For appointment and booking visit:


  1. Preventive and Diagnostic Care: Pet Vaccinations, Heartworm Testing, Annual Bloodwork, Fecal Testing, Seasonal Allergies, and Ultrasound
  2. Surgical Services: General Surgery, Spay/Neuter, and Teeth Cleaning
  3. Pet Care and Identification: Pet Microchips, Pet Boarding, and Pet Grooming
  4. Digital Services: Telemedicine and Online Store
  5. Emergency Services and End of Life Care


4- Bonds Ranch Animal Medical Center

Address: 524 W Bonds Ranch Rd, Fort Worth            Phone: 682-312-7828

Welcome to Bonds Ranch Animal Medical Center, a cornerstone in Fort Worth’s community as a low-cost animal hospital since 2015. More than just providing veterinary care, this place treats pets with as much love and care as a family would at home. Dr. Jared Nichols, Dr. Elizabeth Chen, and Dr. Jennifer McCutchon, all USDA-certified veterinarians, bring their professional excellence and compassionate hearts to provide top-tier care to our furry friends. The dedication extends beyond the treatment rooms as they’re always available for appointments within a reasonable timeframe and ensure follow-up post-appointments. If you’re looking for Low Cost Vets in Fort Worth Tx, I wholeheartedly recommend this Animal Medical Center.


  1. Medical Services: Advanced Surgical Procedures (ACL Repair, Eye Surgery, Tumor Removals, etc.), Diagnostic Services, Emergency Care.
  2. Veterinary Care: Pet Wellness Exams, Parasite Prevention & Control, Specialized Care, Spay & Neuter, and Specialized Surgeries.
  3. Home Services: Pet Grooming & Boarding, Microchipping, and Spay & Neuter Surgery
  4. Pet Special Conditions Care: Hip Dysplasia and Cruciate Ligament Tears
  5. Pet Education & Prevention Services


5- Texas Foundation for Animal Care

Address: 1120 S Henderson St, Fort Worth          Phone: 817-586-5490

Let me introduce you to another brilliant choice for a low-cost vet clinic in Fort Worth, TX, the Texas Foundation for Animal Care, which operates even on weekends. Dr. Elkins, a passionate Texas University graduate with an impressive history of work in high-volume spay and neuter programs, leads this clinic. She is teamed up with Amanda Elliott, a vet tech with over a decade of experience, and Sarah Thompson, a dedicated Client Service Coordinator, and Clinic Manager. Together, they have created an environment where every pet is cared for professionally and warmly. Their heartworm treatments are especially noteworthy, providing traditional and alternative plans based on your pet’s needs and budget. Their commendable dedication to animal welfare and affordable pricing make them a great choice for your pet’s healthcare needs.


  1. Veterinary Services: Animal Care, Feline Spay, Eye Removal, Soft Tissue Surgeries, and Spay / Neuter
  2. Dental Services: Dental Cleaning
  3. Alternative Treatments: Pain Medication
  4. Vaccinations: Rabies Vaccine, Felv Vaccine, and Fiv/Felv Test
  5. Heartworm Services: Heartworm Disease, Prevention, Test, and Treatment at low cost.


6- Summerfields Animal Hospital

Address: 4536 N Tarrant Pkwy, Fort Worth          Phone: 817-485-8511

Introducing you to another exceptional yet affordable animal hospital in Fort Worth, TX, Summerfields Animal Hospital. This full-service facility houses a dynamic team of veterinary professionals dedicated to providing top-tier care. Their commitment to facilitating excellent pet health goes beyond their clinic’s walls, sometimes referring patients to specialized centers when needed. Their staff, from the customer care specialists to the kennel attendants, exhibit a passion and professionalism that ensures a warm and friendly environment for your pets. While they don’t offer payment plans, they encourage open discussion about budgetary concerns. Their unwavering commitment to both animal health and client satisfaction is truly commendable. It’s another fantastic place I’d happily recommend to any pet parent. In case of emergency please visit the hospital or official website for urgent booking or information.


  1. Medical Services: Dentistry Radiology, Health Screening Tests, Anesthesia, Cancer Treatment, Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery, and Physical Examination.
  2. Surgical Services: Spays and Neuters, Laparoscopic Spays, Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery.
  3. Laboratory Services: DNA Testing, OFA Certification, Health Screening Tests, and Semen Collection.
  4. Animal Care and Wellness: Veterinary Care, Low-Cost Vaccinations, Microchip, Flea Control, and Physical Therapy.
  5. Pet Services: Boarding and Daycare, Pet Salon, Small Mammal Dentistry, Beak Trims, and Wing Clipping.


7- Boat Club Road Animal Hospital

Address: 9635 Boat Club Rd, Fort Worth          Phone: 817-236-2000

Here’s another gem for affordable yet quality veterinary care in Fort Worth, TX, the Boat Club Road Animal Hospital. Their skilled veterinarians, including Dr. Louisa Martin, Dr. Daniel Dixon, Dr. Adriana Pantazis, and Dr. Carolina Duggan-Dove, bring their unique expertise to provide superior veterinary care. They’ve cultivated a safe and welcoming atmosphere that eases the stress pets might feel upon a vet visit. Pricing details might vary, but you can expect transparency and fair costs, fitting the description of an affordable animal hospital in Fort Worth, TX. Boat Club Road Animal Hospital is a must-visit for those seeking a top-tier yet low-cost veterinary service. In my opinion, They earn a high recommendation for any pet parent seeking a trustworthy and budget-friendly option.


  1. Emergency Vet Services: Emergencies vet care, Vet Clinic, Emergency Medical Care, and Emergency Surgery
  2. Surgical Services: Animal Surgery, Bladder Surgery, Exploratory Surgery, Laceration Repair, Orthopedic Surgery, and Surgical Procedures
  3. Diagnostic and Testing Services: Advanced Dental Care, Allergy Testing, Blood Tests, Dental Exams & X-Rays, Fecal Tests, and Heartworm Testing
  4. Treatment and Therapy Services: Cold Laser Therapy, Oral Health, Critical Care Services, Heartworm Disease and Prevention, IV Fluids, Oral Surgery, and Parasite Control
  5. Preventative Care: Annual Vaccinations, Parasite Control, Preventive Care Plans, Preventive Healthcare, and Spay And Neuter
  6. Pet Health and Wellness Services: Bladder Stone Removal, Dental Cleanings, Ear Infections, Home Dental Care, Medical Exam, Nutritional & Behavioral Counseling, Pharmacy, Pet Resort Services, and Pet Grooming.


8- Cityview Animal Hospital

Address: 6120 Overton Ridge Blvd, Fort Worth          Phone: 817-294-7733

In the heart of Cowtown, you’ll find a gem known as the Cityview Animal Hospital. I highly recommend this institution if you’re in the market for affordable yet state-of-the-art pet care in Fort Worth, TX. Their team boasts impressive credentials. Dr. Randy L. Jones, a proud Texas native with over 40 years of veterinary practice under his belt, leads the pack. In recognition of his remarkable rescue work, Dr. Jones was honored as the “Veterinarian of the Year” by the Texas Animal Control Association in 2013. Their diverse backgrounds and shared love for animals drive their commitment to delivering affordable, top-tier veterinary care. Each doctor’s unique history and qualities elevate the patient experience, providing a compassionate and professional environment.

So, when searching for a cheap animal hospital in Fort Worth, TX, keep Cityview Animal Hospital in mind. For online appointment and booking please visit official website in case of emergency or other information. 


  1. Veterinary Services: Internal Veterinary Medicine, Large and Small Animal Veterinary Medicine, and Veterinarian Practicing
  2. Pet Healthcare & Prevention: Nutritional Counseling, Pet Health Senior, Puppy And Kitten Care, Flea And Tick, and Pet Microchipping
  3. Medical Procedures: Diagnostic And Treatment, X-Rays, Veterinary Radiologist, Spay And Neuter, Veterinary Surgical Procedures, Surgery, And Anesthesia
  4. Emergency Services: Animal Emergency Clinic, Emergency Veterinary Services, Aspca Poison Control, Hospice, And Euthanasia Services
  5. Additional Services: Pet Boarding And Grooming, Grooming Salon, Pharmacy, Behavioral Training, and Pain Management


9- Mellina Animal Hospital

Address: 2928 W 6th St, Fort Worth          Phone: 817-332-8179

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, Mellina Animal Hospital is exceptional veterinary care. This hospital has earned its reputation as the best vet in Fort Worth, led by Dr. J. Scott Mellina and his team of skilled veterinarians, including Dr. Megan Kelleher, Dr. Steve Willis, and Dr. Budds. The moment you enter their doors, you are greeted by Natalie Mellina, the Hospital Director, who ensures that the practice exudes warmth and compassion. With Liz Meyer as the Practice Manager, the operations run seamlessly, ensuring the highest standards are maintained. Mellina Animal Hospital goes beyond routine check-ups, treating each pet like a cherished family member. With competitive prices and an unwavering commitment to quality care, trust Mellina Animal Hospital with your beloved pets and experience the genuine care and compassion that defines their practice.


  1. Veterinary Care: Annual Exams And Vaccines, Disease Prevention, Heartworm Prevention/Treatments, and Prescription Pet Food
  2. Pet Grooming & Boarding: Pet Grooming, Specialty Grooming, Teeth Cleaning, Pet Boarding, and Kennel Assistant
  3. Emergency Care: After Hours of Emergency Services, Critical Care, Emergency Surgery, and Urgent Care
  4. Diagnostic and Medical Procedures: Veterinary Care, Curbside Service, Diagnostic Testing, Soft Tissue Surgeries, and Spaying & Neutering
  5. Additional Services: Medicated Baths, Mobile Veterinarian, Online Pharmacy, Orthopedic Procedures, Internal Medicine, Ultrasounds, and Clinic Practice.


10- Veterinary Specialists of North Texas

Address: 4631 Citylake Blvd W, Fort Worth           Phone: 817-263-4300

In my research for a dedicated low cost vet clinic, Veterinary Specialists of North Texas has proven to be the best choice. With a team of board-certified specialists from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR), including Dr. Sara Allstadt, Dr. Samantha Bailey, Dr. Derek Burney, and Dr. Rebecca Tims, your pet is in expert hands. Their commitment to life-saving management is evident in their internal medicine, medical oncology, and radiation oncology expertise. Trust VSNT to provide exceptional care, prioritizing your pet’s well-being and emotional needs. With its reputation for excellence in veterinary care, the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital is a top choice in Fort Worth. For online appointment visit:


  1. Primary Care and General Practice: 24 Hour Care, Compassionate Care, General Practice, Physical Exams, and Routine Vaccinations
  2. Diagnostics and Laboratory Testing: Advanced Diagnostics, Blood Pressure Monitoring & Testing, CT Scans, Diagnostic, And Treatment, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiography, X-Rays, and Video Otoscopy
  3. Specialized Treatments and Surgeries: Blood Transfusions, Cancer Treatments, Dental & Endoscopic Procedures, Minimally Invasive Surgery, and Oral Tumors
  4. Veterinary Specialty and Internal Medicine: Internal Medicine Small Animal, Small Animal Internist, and Specialty Medicine
  5. Preventive Care and Medication: Flea And Tick Prevention, Pain Medications, and Preventive Medications


Wrapping Up

In Fort Worth, Texas, pet owners are fortunate to have a wide array of low-cost veterinary clinics prioritizing their beloved pets’ health and well-being. These clinics offer affordable vet services and excel in delivering exceptional care, compassionate communication, and professional expertise. From the Spay Neuter Network’s commitment to addressing pet overpopulation to the Texas Foundation for Animal Care’s availability even on weekends, each clinic showcases a unique approach to providing accessible and budget-friendly veterinary care. By selecting one of these outstanding clinics, pet owners in Fort Worth can rest assured that their furry companions will receive top-quality care without straining their finances.