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4 Low Cost Vets in Mesquite Tx

Low Cost Vets in Mesquite Tx

Pet owners feel immense joy when their friendly furry enjoys a healthy and happy life. As pet-owning people know, their pets need regular checkups or wellness visits to sort out potential health issues. Prevention is always better than cure, so care is necessary.

However, the issue arises when you are about to take your pet to a trusted and affordable vet clinic in a populous city in Texas. If you saw the ads and billboards of the vets offering multiple health services, they are hard to trust and demand skyrocketing prices.

To make you out of this uncertainty, I have researched and visited the top 4 low cost vets in Mesquite,TX, gone through the top vets recommended by the clients, and have 5-star reviews offering multiple health services with minimum range. 


1- Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital

Address: 1919 Rodeo Dr, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 972-288-4481

Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital

The First vet, which I truly preferred everyone, living in Mesquite, TX, is Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital. It’s not just a hospital but a well-being place and a top priority for animals. Dr. Ann Thomas is an amazing person who makes a humble bond between the pet and the owner. Moreover, their checkups showcase genuine care that goes beyond the norms. From regular checkups to surgical treatments, their services cover everything from top to bottom with reasonable prices.

They don’t only explain some things to you but demonstrate proper ways to care. Clients are recommending it with big thumbs up and five stars for years.

Services & Amenities

  1. Maintaining your pet’s health and identifying potential issues.
  2. Offering expert surgical care, including the use of whole body warm water blankets, EKG, and respiratory.
  3. Dental Care and Digital Radiography.
  4. Boarding for Dogs & Cats.
  5. Pet Care Includes nail trims, shampooing, conditioning, medication and flea & tick baths, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.
  6. Essential vaccinations, including rabies, with tailored protocols based on lifestyle and travel.
  7. Spay & Neuter Services.
  8. Nutrition & Prescription Food.


2- South Mesquite Veterinary Hospital

Address: 615 S Bryan-Belt Line Rd, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 972-289-0681

South Mesquite Veterinary Hospital

Another affordable vet  I would prefer that stand out the customer choice in Mesquite,Tx offering all-inclusive approach to pet well-being. Their dedicated team, especially Dr Pirrung who shows great examine skills , has become quickely a trusted choice.

Clients specially commend the well-stocked pharmacy , in-house surgical suite, and notably the affordability, with prices being half of what other places quote. The beneficial factors involves their appointment cost, which is just $280 involves , counselling and other checkups.  Read their private privacy policy before appointment. 

Services & Amenities

  1. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services.
  2. Surgical Services through the latest technology, ensuring the best outcomes for pets.
  3. Anesthesia and Monitoring
  4. Internal medicine specialist for ultrasounds, endoscopic procedures, and complicated case diagnoses.
  5. Radiology and Electrocardiography Services
  6. Dentistry
  7. In-house laboratory facilities for a wide range of tests
  8. Emergency Care


3- Town East-Galloway Animal Clinic

Address: 2860 N Galloway Ave, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 972-613-9871

Town East-Galloway Animal Clinic

Town East-Galloway Animal Clinic has left a mixed impression on clients. While one client commended the clinic for its life-saving efforts and compassionate staff, particularly praising Dr. Martinez and technician Bree for their updates and care, another expressed dissatisfaction with the business model. This client highlighted a perceived focus on costly shots over immediate pet needs, suggesting a need for improvement.

Despite these varied experiences, the clinic is acknowledged for its caring approach and competent staff. The price of the appointment includes 350$, because of the more customer-friendly approach in terms.

Services & Amenities

  1. Emergency and Life-Saving Treatments for pets
  2. Regular Veterinary Care includes routine services such as vaccinations, heartworm tests, and care for sick pets.
  3. The clinic staff provides regular updates on a pet’s condition, highlighting their dedication to client satisfaction and animal care.
  4. They offer services at a competitive price point, described as being on the lower side of cost without pushing unnecessary services.
  5. Animal-Friendly Environment


4- BluePearl Pet Hospital

Address: 4651 N Belt Line Rd, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 972-226-3377

Low Cost Vets in Mesquite Tx

Another emergency vet, BluePearl Pet Hospital in Mesquite, TX, received mixed feedback from a client who experienced an emergency with their injured pup. Dr. Hogue and the team exhibited commendable skills and compassion, efficiently addressing the dog’s severe injuries. The facilities were praised for their cleanliness, and communication about the procedure and costs was transparent.

However, the client expressed concerns when presented with an initial estimate of $1800 for life-saving measures without the puppy being examined. Despite the client’s request for necessary tests only, the final bill reached $1750, including unnecessary X-rays, leading to dissatisfaction with the pricing transparency. Despite this issue, Dr. Hogue’s expertise and the compassionate care provided during the emergency left a positive impression on the client.

Services & Amenities

  1. Emergency Veterinary Care 24/7 Availability
  2. Compassionate End-of-Life Services
  3. Accidents cause Injury Treatment, and treatments such as surgery and humane euthanasia when necessary.
  4. The hospital is capable of saving pets from critical conditions and unexpected sicknesses.
  5. The veterinarians and support staff, including Dr. Hogue is noted for their gentle and compassionate approach to pet care.
  6. Blue Pearl is equipped to handle cases of poisoning (such as from flea repellent) and accidents.
  7. They provide surgical options for severe health issues, including complete obstructions.


Summry of the Review

Animal Hospitals in Mesquite, Tx offers a range of low-cost vet options catering to the diverse needs of pet owners. Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital stands out for its comprehensive care, genuine bond-building, and reasonable prices, earning consistent five-star reviews.

South Mesquite Veterinary Hospital, with its all-inclusive approach to pet well-being, including an affordable appointment cost of $280, has become a trusted choice for many clients. Town East-Galloway Animal Clinic receives mixed reviews, with clients praising life-saving efforts but expressing concerns about a business model that may prioritize costly shots.

BluePearl Pet Hospital, despite some pricing transparency issues, is recognized for commendable skills and compassion in emergencies. Ultimately, choosing the right Low Cost Vet involves weighing individual experiences and priorities to ensure the well-being of beloved pets in Mesquite, TX.