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Top 10 Low Cost Vets in Arlington Tx 

Low Cost Vets in Arlington Tx

In my quest to find the best care for our furry friends, I’ve embarked on a journey across the vast lands of Arlington, Texas. Being a pet owner can be challenging on the wallet, so I made it my mission to find the most affordable yet top-notch veterinary services. With this goal in mind, I pursued the research, seeking the most reliable low-cost vets in Arlington, TX. 

From clinics offering essential vaccinations to those providing emergency care, my focus was always on quality and affordability. Through this adventure, I discovered a range of services tailored to fit the budget of every pet owner. So, let’s embark on this journey with the finest low-cost vet clinics Arlington offers. You’ll find these gems provide not only affordable services passionate touch that money can’t buy.


1- Dr. Mike’s Affordable Vet Care

Address: 5502 Matlock Rd, Arlington          Appointments:  817-468-1656

If you’re looking for cheap vet clinics in Arlington, TX, look no further than Dr Mike’s Affordable Vet Care. With over 25 years of local experience, Dr. Mike Frizzell, a Mansfield High School and Texas A&M University alumnus, has been a beacon of affordable, high-quality care. His prices are transparent and wallet-friendly, from a new office visit priced at just $47.00 to critical services like rabies vaccines costing a mere $20.00. Dr. Mike’s solo practice is a testament to his commitment to the Arlington community, offering exceptional veterinary care that will stay within the budget. For more information visit official website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Wellness exams
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Humane euthanasia
  4. Flea prevention & Heartworm
  5. Microchipping


2- Animal Clinic of Arlington

Address: 2430 N Davis Dr, Arlington          Appointments: 817-460-6622

Here comes another gem in the realm of low-cost vets in Arlington, TX – the Animal Clinic of Arlington. At the helm is Dr. T.J. Walker, a seasoned veterinarian with roots from Texas to Montana and Canada. Not only does he bring a wealth of experience, but his clinic also offers affordable, top-tier care services. The clinic has flexible payment options, including CareCredit, for easy monthly installments. When not providing high-quality veterinary care, Dr. Walker dedicates his time to his church’s praise team and various veterinary associations. The Animal Clinic of Arlington stands out for affordable and compassionate pet care.

Services & Highlights

  1. Clinic Services: Routine Check-ups, Emergency Care, Surgical Procedures, Dietary and Behavior Counseling
  2. Dental Care: Comprehensive Cleaning, Dental Health Examinations, and Oral Health Counseling
  3. Preventative Care: Vaccinations, Flea, Tick, and Parasite Prevention, Spay and Neuter Services
  4. Specialized Services: Dermatology and Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Care, Pet Boarding & Grooming
  5. Treatment of Diseases and Conditions: Chronic Conditions Management, Digestive and Oral Health Treatments


3- Creature Comfort Animal Clinic

Address: 2150 W Interstate 20, Arlington          Appointments: 817-472-0404

While exploring low-cost vets in Arlington, TX, I discovered another low-cost vet practice – Creature Comfort Animal Clinic. Found in the heart of Arlington, this clinic has provided compassionate and competent pet care since 1991. Founded by veterinarians Barry Brier and Chris Jenkins, their mission was to offer a service that met the expressed needs of pet owners. With decades of combined experience, their commitment to affordable and quality vet care shines brightly. For anyone seeking a clinic that values your pet and pocketbook, Creature Comfort Animal Clinic is a worthy contender in the landscape of affordable vet clinics in Arlington.

Services & Highlights

  1. General Wellness: Dentistry, Diet & Nutrition, Parasite Control (Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms), Wellness & Preventive Care, Vaccination, and Microchipping
  2. Diagnostic Services: Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, and Laboratory Services
  3. Surgery Services: Spay & Neuter, Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery.
  4. Hospitality Services: Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare
  5. Training Services: Socialization Training, Obedience Training, and Behavioral Training


4- Arkansas Browning Animal Clinic

Address: 1701 E Arkansas Ln, Arlington          Appointments: 817-277-5501

In my search for a weekend, cheap vet clinics in Arlington, TX, I found the Arkansas Browning Animal Clinic to be a shining example. At the forefront of the clinic are Dr. Kevin Buchanan and Dr. Mike Buschel, dedicated veterinarians committed to treating pets with kindness and top-notch medical care. Their philosophy is simple – treat every client like family and every pet as their own. And when it comes to pricing, they stand out with their generous offer for new puppy or kitten owners, saving them over 50% with special packages. If you’re looking for low-cost vets in Arlington, the Arkansas Browning Animal Clinic is a fantastic choice, marrying affordability with excellent care. For more information about the clinic visit:

Services & Highlights

  1. Healthcare: Wellness Services, Annual Exams and Check-Ups, Full Physical Exams, Routine Checkup, and Illness Visits
  2. Veterinary Treatments: Compassionate Veterinary Care, Veterinary Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, and Dental Procedures
  3. Preventive Services: Annual Vaccines, Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, and Feline Leukemia Vaccines, and Heartworm Test
  4. Pet Care and Emergency Services: Comprehensive care for Dogs, Cats, and Domesticated Animals, Pet Emergency Services, and Pet Insurance
  5. Additional Services: Puppy and Kitten Packages, In-House Laboratory Services, Online Pharmacy, Spay & Neuter Services, and X-Rays


5- Park Plaza Animal Clinic

Address: 1811 E Park Row Dr Ste A, Arlington          Appointments: 817-277-1195

While exploring 24-hour vet in Arlington, TX, I stumbled upon Park Plaza Animal Clinic. Their mission is one of compassion, embodied by Dr D’Anne Stephens and her team. Every pet is treated as a valued family member, ensuring quality and comfort in care. Unforeseen pet illnesses can bring unexpected expenses, but they’ve got you covered with their CareCredit program offering low monthly payments. This incredible feature makes them one of the low-cost vets in Arlington, TX. So, suppose you’re searching for an animal hospital in Arlington, TX. In that case, that combines affordability with top-notch care, Park Plaza Animal Clinic is a place you can trust. Request an appointment online within 24 business hours reach out official website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Cold laser therapy ( Pain & Inflammation ), Surgical Cutting Laser
  2. Phovia Wound Treatment ( Wound / Incision )
  3. Medicine, Dentistry, Boarding, and Puppy & Kitten Health Packages
  4. Geriatric Health Packages
  5. Emergency Hospitalization


6- Pet Hospital at South Collins

Address: 1350 Caplin Dr, Arlington          Appointments: 682-226-7101

I found a hidden gem while seeking an animal shelter vet in Arlington, TX. The Pet Hospital at South Collins radiates a blend of professionalism and warmth. With a Fear-Free certified team led by Dr. Andrea Seitz, your pet’s wellness is their top priority. The clinic’s commendable cost-effective approach, including unlimited free pet exams and a 10% discount on services, makes them one of the low-cost vets in Arlington, TX. So, suppose you’re hunting for an affordable animal hospital in Arlington, TX. In that case, your search might end with Pet Hospital at South Collins. Check them out for top-notch service that fits your budget, ensuring your beloved pet receives exceptional care without straining your wallet.

Services & Highlights

  1. General Practice and Wellness Care: Routine check-ups and Preventive care
  2. Medical and Surgical Services: Disease diagnosis and treatment, Spay and neuter procedures
  3. Dental Care: Routine oral health check-ups and Dental surgeries
  4. Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing: Accurate diagnostic tests and In-house laboratory services
  5. Additional Essential Services: Microchipping, Heartworm and flea prevention, and Humane euthanasia


7- VetIQ Petcare

Address: 4800 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd, Arlington          Appointments: 817-618-3130

Bingo! Another affordable gem in Arlington, VetIQ Petcare, shines bright regarding “Low Cost Vets in Arlington TX.” Not compromising on care, they offer packages that cater to your pet’s needs without hurting your pocket. They hold an open-door policy, no appointments needed, and a refreshing approach to pet care. Their inexpensive service bundles, like the Vital and Choice Packages, offer comprehensive care, keeping your pet in its best shape. Plus, their staff boasts impressive credentials with a history of exceptional service. An ‘affordable animal hospital in Arlington TX’ has always looked better!

Services & Highlights

  1. Vaccinations: Vaccine (DA2P + Parvovirus) for dogs, Bordetella Vaccine for Kennel Cough prevention, and PureVax 3-in-1 Vaccine (FVRCP) for cats.
  2. Disease Prevention: Lyme Disease Vaccine for tick-borne diseases, Leptospirosis Vaccine, and Heartworm/Tick-Borne Disease tests.
  3. Wellness Checks: Regular wellness exams and blood work, such as Adult Wellness Bloodwork and the Senior Full Wellness Package
  4. Identification Services: Microchip Pet IDs are permanent identification chips that can help reunite lost pets with their owners.
  5. Bundled Service Packages: These packages include a preset series of vet-recommended vaccinations and screenings at a discounted rate.


8- Green Oaks North Pet Hospital

Address: 1890 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington          Appointments: 817-860-3087

Green Oaks North Pet Hospital in Arlington, Tx, is a game-changer! “Cheap Animal Hospital in Arlington, Tx” takes on a whole new meaning here as they serve with impeccable standards, yet never heavy on the wallet. The excellent and passionate team led by Dr. Hulka, is nothing short of inspiring. Not every day do you find “Low Cost Vets in Arlington, Tx” with such impressive history and dedication to their patients. The mix of compassion and expertise is ideal for a pet owner seeking quality care on a budget. Truly a low-cost, high-value gem in Arlington!

Services & Highlights

  1. Pet Boarding and Daycare Services: Boarding Facilities, Doggy Daycare, and Pet Taxi
  2. Preventative and Wellness Care: Pet Vaccinations, Flea Control, Physical Examinations, Wellness Programs, Pet Health, and Wellness Care
  3. Dental and Surgical Services: Dental Cleanings, Dentistry Surgery, Pet Surgery, and Pet Dental Care
  4. Diagnostic and Treatment Services: Diagnosis & Treatment, On-Site Laboratory, Urgent Care, and Veterinary Services
  5. Pet Care and Maintenance: Nail Trim, Pet Bathing, Spaying and Neutering, Curbside Service, Pet Food, and Online Pharmacy


9- Crossroads Animal Clinic

Address: 919 W Lamar Blvd, Arlington          Appointments: 817-277-9183

The Crossroads Animal Clinic is the crossroads where affordable care meets high-quality service in Arlington, Tx. Labeling them as a “cheap animal hospital vet in Arlington, TX” wouldn’t do justice to the quality of care they offer. The experienced veterinarians, including Dr. Minton, Dr. Daugette, and Dr. Raphael, bring their profound knowledge to your pet’s aid. It’s rare to find such “low-cost vets in Arlington, Tx” that are so steeped in a passion for their craft. Need a “cheap animal hospital near Arlington, Tx”? Look no further, as Crossroads combines value and top-notch care seamlessly! For more information visit website:

Services & Highlights

  1. Vaccinations & Prevention
  2. Routine Exams and Dental Care
  3. Boarding & Grooming
  4. Surgery
  5. Microchipping
  6. Emergency Care


10- Arlington Veterinary Center

Address: 2070 W Abram St, Arlington            Appointments:817-861-1763

Arlington, TX’s last stop for affordable animal hospital care is undoubtedly the Arlington Veterinary Center. With seasoned professionals like Dr. W. Gordon Smyth and Dr. Cassandra Waldman at the helm, the center offers unparalleled service. Dr. Smyth’s vast experience blends seamlessly with Dr. Waldman’s unique expertise in small mammals and reptiles, providing comprehensive care for all pets. The center is a beacon of budget-friendly yet high-quality care, ensuring no pet parent is left worried about the costs. Their focus on affordability without compromising quality marks them as a stand-out in pet care.

Services & Highlights

  1. Preventive and General Care: Physical Exam, Distemper Vaccinations, Health Care, and Maintenance Care
  2. Advanced Medical Care: Advanced Diagnostics, X-Rays, Poison Control, Early Detection, Diabetic Management, and Medication Administration
  3. Surgical Services: Dental Care & Surgery and General Surgical Procedures
  4. Boarding and Grooming: Boarding And Bathing, Boarding And Day Care, Kennel Boarding, and Toe Nail Trimming
  5. Foreign Animal Care: Specialized services for Foreign Animals


Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, my journey across Arlington, Texas, has been insightful, rewarding, and heartening. The ten clinics mentioned herein exemplify their commitment to offering affordable, high-quality veterinary services. These low-cost vets, from Dr. Mike’s Affordable Vet Care to the esteemed Arlington Veterinary Center, have proven that superior care for our beloved pets doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Each clinic offers a unique blend of experience, passion, and cost-effective solutions, assuring pet owners that their furry, scaled, or feathered family members receive the best care.

They are a testament to the beautiful balance between affordability and excellence, creating a beacon of hope for pet owners seeking budget-friendly vet care in Arlington, TX. Whether you choose, rest assured your pets are in safe and caring hands. Don’t hatitate to Contact Us, if you feel any suggestions related to this article.