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5 Low Cost Vets in Killeen Tx

Low Cost Vets in Killeen Tx

If you have a dog or any other pet, you know how much care they need clinically and emotionally. Also, you probably know, how expensive these clinics are for a routine checkups. But, here is a nugget of info for you: I found 5 Low Cost Vets in Killeen Tx, which are recognized for their best services without burning the hole in your pocket. From daily checkups to specialized services, these animal hospitals offer a wide range of options for your beloved pet.

I have visited these clinics and will recommend the best ones, which are not only budget-friendly but also have excellent feedback from the clients. So, say goodbye to the sky-high vet and visit these affordable and friendly vet options in Killeen Tx.


1. Town & Country Veterinary Medical Center

Address:  505 E Elms Rd, Killeen, TX             Phone: +1 254-634-0391

Town & Country Veterinary Medical Center

The first low cost vet in Killeen, TX that I would suggest is Town and Country Veterinary Medical Center. Over 90% of clients are happy with their services and staff’s kindness. The clinic offers reasonable prices and some clients mention positive experiences with pricing for services like cat nail trims which are just $13.

On the other hand, they charge $400 for an annual vaccine with flea and tick prevention for 3 months allergy medicine infection cleanser, and walk-in free with such a low price. Talking about their fantastic team, including Dr. Corey D and Dr Ledger are present in clients’ top recommendation list.

So, if you are looking for quality service with a low price tag, town and country are the best vet to visit your furry pet. 


  1. Annual vaccine for flea and tick prevention
  2. Allergy medicine infection cleanser
  3. Friendly and professional staff
  4. Affordable costs for treatments and surgeries.
  5. Offers walk-in and urgent care for immediate needs.
  6. Comprehensive services from exams to surgeries.


2. Stagecoach Pet Hospital

Address: 4826 E Stagecoach Rd, Killeen, TX          Phone: +1 254-200-2790

Low Cost Vet Killeen Tx

Stagecoach Pet Hospital has been a lifeline for clients’ pets. The friendly staff there treats the clients like family, and the care provided by Dr. Turner has truly made a difference in their pet’s well-being. The facility is impeccably clean, and they have always accommodated us, even in emergencies. One standout quality is their transparency with pricing. It’s refreshing to have a clear understanding of the costs involved, and Dr. Turner’s expertise comes at a reasonable price.

The overall experience at Stagecoach Pet Hospital has been positive, making them our go-to healthcare team for our furry companions. I highly recommend their services for exceptional care and a welcoming environment. Follow these steps if you visit first time in this hospital.


  1. Surgical procedures
  2. Testing & diagnostics
  3. Wellness & prevention
  4. Emergency and critical care & treatment.
  5. The staff is friendly and professional and shows a genuine love for animals.
  6. Compassionate support and care during difficult times, including end-of-life decisions
  7. The clinic provides routine services such as allergy injections, nail trimming, and anal gland expression.
  8. The clinic is recognized for being upfront about costs, offering reasonable prices, and providing options for affordable care.


3. Animal Emergency Center of Killeen

Address: 2808 Illinois Ave, Killeen, TX          Phone: +1 254-628-5017

affordable pet clinic in Killeen Tx
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Another Killeen low-cost vet that I recently had the fortune of visiting is the Animal Emergency Center. Let me tell you, they were a game-changer when the client’s munchkin cat, Linda, faced a medical emergency. Dr. Meuli and the team were incredibly understanding and helpful during this tough time. When it comes to costs, they are very accommodating about the potential expenses, ensuring we can make informed decisions.

The regular vet visit only required less than 100$. It’s not often you find a vet that combines professionalism with genuine compassion. The team, including our technician Genneane, truly cared about client pet Linda’s well-being. The Animal Emergency Center of Killeen is more than just a Low cost pet vaccination Killeen , it’s a place that understands the bond between pets and their owners.


  1. Emergency medical care for difficulty in breathing, poisoning, severe wound or suspected broken limb, and seizures.
  2. Offering state-of-the-art veterinary surgeries with advanced technology and expertly trained surgeons.
  3. Advanced digital x-ray & ultrasound.
  4. In-house laboratory.
  5. Online pharmacy.


4. Pat Davis, D.V.M.

Address: 1202 S W S Young Dr, Killeen, TX            Phone: +1 254-699-2425

Low Cost Vets in Killeen Tx
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Another Low cost vet clinic in Killeen TX I found after deep research and visits is Pat Davis, D.V.M. Pet owners in Killeen find a reliable haven for their furry companions. The skilled veterinarians, Dr. Michael J. Joyner, and Dr. Kwon, proved their expertise when an Aussie needed urgent attention. Clients are praising and recommending them on their feedback review page. The clinic’s welcoming atmosphere, combined with efficient service, makes every visit feel like a reunion.

Noteworthy is the reasonable pricing, 45$ for a doctor visit which includes, consultations, checkups, and medications. Families appreciate the transparency and affordability, making El Centro Pet Medical Center a go-to for pet health needs in Killeen Tx. 


  1. Helpful response in emergencies, with immediate care supplied upon arrival.
  2. The veterinarians are noted for their professionalism and compassionate treatment.
  3. The clinic is recognized for its efficient service and a welcoming atmosphere for pets and owners.
  4. Affordable and high-quality care without compromising on quality
  5. Excellent boarding services, ensuring pets are well-groomed, well-fed, and cared for, even during extended stays.


5. Aztec Pet Hospital

Address: 104 W FM 2410 Rd, Harker Heights, TX          Phone: +1 254-699-6725

Aztec Pet Hospital Killeen tx

Aztec Pet Hospital, another Low-cost vet clinic in Killeen TX, stands out as a compassionate veterinary haven. Dr. Keegan, a dedicated and understanding vet, oversees the well-being of your furry companions. Despite minor concerns about pricing and policies, the hospital prioritizes urgent cases with an urgent medical exam priced at $75, ensuring prompt and quality care. Mia, a cat facing a challenging degloving problem, experienced a remarkable recovery after regular examination.

The attentive customer service and complimentary check-ups within 30 days post-surgery demonstrate their commitment to the pet’s health. Aztec Pet Hospital remains a reliable choice in Harker Heights, offering not just Low cost pet vaccinations killeen services but also a supportive environment. 


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