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Top 4 Low Cost Vets in Laredo Tx

Low Cost Vets in Laredo Tx

Laredo, Texas, a busy city enriched in culture and history, is home to a myriad of services catering to the diverse needs of its residents, including the services of their beloved pets. I know how difficult it is to find affordable animal hospitals in Laredo, tx. But don’t worry, I have researched and compiled a list of Top Low Cost Vets in Laredo Tx. These facilities stand out for their commitment to providing quality medical care for pets while ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the ability of pet owners to seek necessary treatment for their furry friends.

In this guide, we aim to assist pet owners in finding economical options for veterinary services, ensuring the health and happiness of their pets without breaking the bank.


1. Laredo Animal Clinic

Address:   6001 McPherson Rd, Laredo, Tx
Phone:      +1 956-727-5031
Prices:       Price starts from $69 for Routine check up and
Physical exams is $45

The first Emergency vet I discovered is Laredo Animal Clinic, a well-established practice since 1988 under the compassionate care of Dr. Amanda Flores-Alexander. They are renowned recognition for their principle of “Special Care for Special Pets,” they offer tailored wellness plans, understanding the unique health challenges in Laredo and Northern Mexico. Clients consistently praise the clinic for their reasonable prices, attentive service, and clean, welcoming environment.

Dr. Creamer, in particular, is commended for her genuine affection and dedication to the pets, ensuring they receive the best care possible. The clinic stands out for its cost-effective solutions and positive and swift changes in the pets’ health, affirming its commitment to excellent and affordable pet care.


  1. Dentistry: Annual dental exams and cleanings for oral health.
  2. Diet & Nutrition: Guidance on proper nutrition for overall well-being.
  3. Parasite Control: Preventive measures against fleas, ticks, and heartworms.
  4. Wellness & Preventive Care: Annual health evaluations for early problem detection.
  5. Vaccinations: Essential immunizations for disease prevention.
  6. Microchipping: Reliable pet identification and owner reunification.
  7. Diagnostic Services: Radiography and lab tests for illness and injury diagnosis.


2. Laredo Pet Vet PC

Address:   2101 Shiloh Dr Suite 140, Laredo, Tx
Phone:     +1 956-615-7297
Prices:      The clinic charges reasonable prices compared to other local clinics

The second animal hospital on our list, Laredo Pet Vet PC, stands out as a remarkable facility where pets are treated with the utmost care and affection. Led by the passionate Dr. Rebecca A. Buckley-Rodriguez, this clinic is renowned for providing top-notch services at an affordable price. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Buckley-Rodriguez creates a welcoming atmosphere, making pets and their owners feel like part of the family.

This practice offers competitive pricing and emphasizes the importance of community education and preventive care. Clients consistently praise the dedicated staff and the warm, supportive environment, highlighting Laredo Pet Vet PC as a top choice for pet care in Laredo, TX.


  1. Safe and controlled anesthesia for various veterinary procedures.
  2. Treatment and guidance for pet behavioral issues.
  3. Comprehensive dental care including cleanings and extractions.
  4. Immediate care for life-threatening conditions.
  5. Compassionate end-of-life services.
  6. Inpatient care for pets needing continuous medical attention.
  7. Specialized care for internal organ and system disorders.


3. Rio Grande Veterinary Clinic

Address:   3311 E Del Mar Blvd, Laredo, Tx
Phone:      +1 956-508-8900
Prices:       Price will discussed during the appointment

The third clinic on our list, Rio Grande Veterinary, skillfully led by Dr. Victor Lopez, redefines convenience in pet care, bringing veterinary services directly to your home. Even as their physical location undergoes construction, their dedication to your pets’ well-being remains steadfast, offering a range of services from vaccinations to general medicine, all at your doorstep. With his deep-rooted passion for animals, Dr. Lopez ensures that every pet receives the best care, whether furry friends or larger farm animals.

The mobile team is renowned for its quality, convenience, and comprehensive services, making Rio Grande Veterinary a standout choice for pet owners seeking reliable care without the hassle. Trust in their commitment to your pets’ health and discover the ease of top-notch veterinary care delivered right to your home.


  1. Diagnostic Pet Examinations in house pets
  2. Microchipping for Pets to locate lost pets and reunite them with their owners.
  3. Specialized care is vital for maintaining the health and quality of life of older pets.
  4. Vaccinations for cattle are crucial for preventing diseases that can impact both animal health and agricultural productivity.
  5. Providing comprehensive medical care for horses
  6. Fecal testing helps in identifying parasitic infections in livestock.


4. Veterinary Care Center of Laredo

Address:   2406 Clark Blvd, Laredo, Tx
Phone:     +1 956-722-3333
Price:        Available only through phone call

The Veterinary Care Center offers a nuanced experience, balancing areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Renowned for its professional and caring approach, the center is praised for its skilled veterinarians like Dr. Martin and Dr. Segovia, efficient service, and reasonable pricing. Clients particularly value the genuine attention and kindness extended to their pets.

The clinic excels in pet care and customer service, yet recognizes the need for improved communication and operational efficiency. This commitment to addressing feedback and enhancing services underlines its dedication to both animal welfare and client satisfaction.


  1. Emergency and Urgent Care.
  2. Full physical exam for overall pet wellness.
  3. Specialized dental services for oral health maintenance.
  4. Spaying and neutering.
  5. Advanced treatments for a variety of health issues.
  6. Expert surgical care and postoperative support.
  7. Yearly vaccinations.
  8. Pet adoptions.



Laredo, TX, offers a variety of low-cost veterinary options, ensuring that every pet receives the care and attention they deserve, regardless of financial constraints. These clinics and their dedicated staff go above and beyond, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the health and well-being of pets in the community.

They provide medical care, education, and support to pet owners, fostering a community of informed and responsible pet parents. Laredo’s pet owners can find solace and reliable care at these establishments, ensuring the health and happiness of their furry family members without financial burden.