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Top 8 Low Cost Vet in Dallas, Texas

Low Cost Vet Dallas

Dallas is a city in Texas where people love animals and are always ready to take care of their pets. This article provides information and guidance for low cost vet in Dallas. According to Grand View Research, the U.S. veterinarian’s market stats was valued at USD 11.03 billion, and expected growth will be 8.7% between 2022-2030. It highlights the advantages and disadvantages of low-cost veterinary care, provides a list of low cost vet in Dallas and clinics, describes the services each clinic offers, and includes information on pricing and how to make an appointment.

Additionally, it offers tips on choosing a low-cost vet in Dallas and factors to consider when deciding between a low-cost clinic and a traditional veterinary practice. This article emphasizes the importance of low cost veterinary care for pet owners in Dallas and encourages them to prioritize their pet’s health and well-being.


Low Cost Vet in Dallas with Necessary Information

Many Low budget families want to know and search low cost vet in Dallas for treatments of their beloved pets. Below is the detailed list of low cost veterinary clinics/hospitals in Dallas, along with the services they offer, eligibility criteria, pricing, and how to make an appointment:

1. Spay Neuter Network

Spay Neuter Network (SNN) operates in 16 counties and 36 cities. They offer spay/neuter, transport programs within 16 countries, and mobile spay/neuter services to all 16 counties and 36 cities. Spay Neuter Network started its journey in 2004 in Kaufman County, southeast of Dallas. In 2004 SNN provided services and treated 2,000 animals annually through a mobile clinic.

In 2023, they opened full-time clinics in Dallas and San Antonio providing free and affordable vaccination, HQHV spay/neuter, and wellness services for dogs and cats. SNN is nationally recognized for spay/neuter expertise for pets, especially dogs and cats. SNN’s mission is to eliminate pet overpopulation through spay/neuter and give free or affordable service to pet owners.

  • SNN Services: It includes Surgery Services, Vaccination Services, Laboratory Tests, Preventions for Dogs and Cats, Microchip, Nail Trim Mobile clinics and transports for Dogs and Cats.
  • Price/Cost:  Prices start from $10 to $115
  • Appointments:  Call 1 972-472-3500  OR  visit their website:


2. SPCA of Texas

SPCA stands for the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” and is a nonprofit agency that works toward the welfare of animals. It is the most comprehensive animal welfare agency supported by local North Texans and was founded in 1938. SPCA’s mission is to provide helpful pet care environments to every animal and a loving home. This Nonprofit agency works independently and receives no funds from the City of Dallas, USA, the federal government, or any national humane organization. They are working with the help of local Dallas people who love animals and are always happy to donate to help and care for the pets. SPCA works with local law enforcement and animal control agencies to rescue and care for animals that suffer from cruelty or neglect and have a 96% live release rate.

They provide rescue and life-saving care for the animals to rehabilitation plus affordable, high-quality care for pets. Service included spay/neuter mobile wellness vehicles and two full-service clinics. SPCA’s basic mission is to promote awareness among people for animal adoption. The mission of SPCA pet care, adoptions, and the veterinary clinic is under one roof, and they achieve their mission in so many other ways. All these programs are created for the care of pets to keep pets off the streets, healthy, and in safe, loving homes.

  • Services of SPCA: Animal Cruelty Investigations, Disaster Support, Adopting & Fostering, Clinic & Pharmacy, Mobile Wellness, Spay/Neuter, Trap, Neuter & Return Program for Cats, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter surgeries, dental care, and other treatments as needed.
  • Price/Cost:  SPCA is low cost vet in Dallas and based on service, but generally lower than traditional veterinary clinics/hospitals.
  • Appointments: Call 1 214-742-7722  OR  visit their website:


3. Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic Dallas

Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic is also known as Dr. Allison Merrill’s clinic due to his kindness and love for pets. He is a specialist doctor for dogs and cats. Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic animal hospital linked with Thrive Pet Healthcare located in Dallas, Texas. Established in 2004, the clinic provides compassionate and quality low-cost vet in Dallas. The clinic is Located on the Lake Highlands, consisting of a beautiful 5,000 square feet area. The clinic’s pet-friendly services will inspire you very much, and the staff knows the value of your pet in your life.

The experienced and skilled team of veterinarians and support staff at Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized care to each pet that comes through the door. Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to provide quality base medical and surgical care to animals, strictly cats and dogs, and treat them like members of their own families.

  • Clinic Services: general practice and wellness care, medical and surgical services for cats and dogs, wellness and preventive care, dental care, laboratory, diagnostic testing, spay or neuter, and sick/illness exam
  • Price/Cost: Free Pet Exams and low-cost vet services in Dallas, Service starts from $5 for Nail Trims.
  • Appointments: Call 1 214-553-8033  OR  visit the website: Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic


4. CHEW Animal Clinic Dallas

CHEW Animal Clinic is one of the best and low cost vet in Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex providing affordable and low-cost veterinary services, including comprehensive medical, surgical, and critical care for qualified families. It was founded in 2019 as an animal non-profit hospital/clinic for dogs and cats. The low-cost hospital for dogs and cats is located on Walnut Hill, Dallas, near North Texas Heart Center, the best Cardiologist in Dallas. The mission of the CHEW Animal Clinic is to provide high-quality veterinarian care service for local shelters, and animal rescues groups in Dallas and qualified families.

I met with Dr. Deason (DVM), a very kind and responsible lady, and her staff, “All the staff members are top quality, talented, and full-service vets at affordable prices. The team at the hospital is here to serve you and your beloved pets (dogs/cats). The team’s basic aim is to educate the local people and spread awareness of the overpopulation of cats and dogs.

  • Services of CHEW:  Medical, surgical, and critical care; education to the local people. The spread of awareness, dental care, laboratory, testing, DVMs surgery, and pet adoption.
  • Price/Cost: The cost started at $20 diagnosing test.
  • Appointments: Call 469-620-2828  OR  visit the website:


5. Hillside Veterinary Clinic Dallas

Hillside Veterinary Clinic Dallas is an emergency hospital providing urgent care to dogs and cats (immediate medical treatment, life-threatening conditions). It was founded in 1988 as a Veterinary and Emergency clinic/hospital for pets. The clinic is located at E Mockingbird Ln Dallas near Lakewood Dermatology. All the doctors and nurses, including Stephanie Chritton (DVM), August Claybrook, Sarah Huskey, and other doctors and staff members, are well-educated and talented. All the doctors are DVM degree holders. The team of professional staff strives to offer medical advice and animal education to avoid disease or early detection and diagnosis.

Hillside Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to provide 24-hour emergency care service and superior veterinary and low-cost vet care in Dallas throughout the life of your pet. The basic aim is to provide quality client satisfaction.

  • Services: A broad spectrum of treatments, low-cost vaccination, urgent care, medical treatment, Regular wellness exams, chronic dental, microchipping, and diagnoses exams.
  • Cost/Price:  low-cost vaccination on Sunday and $41.97 for 1st puppy 7-10 weeks
  • Appointments: Call 214-824-0397  OR  visit the website: Hillside Veterinary Clinic


6. Metro Paws Animal Hospital Dallas

Metro Paws Animal Hospital Dallas is one of the best low cost veterinary care hospital in Dallas, founded in 2006 by Drs. Jennifer Lavender and Kathryn Sarpong. The Metro Paws Animal Hospital is a group of three hospitals located in Dallas’s locations, including Skillman, Oak Cliff, and White Rock provides comprehensive and compassionate care for pets. All locations offer full services for dogs and cats, like wellness care and immunizations, boarding, dentistry, reproduction, heartworm treatment, dermatology, radiology, surgery, and emergency care. The hospital was known for its quality veterinary care and outstanding customer service.

The mission of Metro Paws Animal Hospital is to provide a fear-free environment and treatment at affordable prices for dogs and cats. The hospital’shospital’s staff members are trained in low-stress handling techniques, which help reduce pets’ anxiety and stress during their visits. The hospital staff is fear-free and cat-friendly, certified, honest, compassionate, and ready to provide complete veterinary care for your beloved pet.

  • Services:  Wellness Care, Health Certificates, Electrocardiology (EKG), Dermatology, Cold Laser Therapy, Medical Surgery, Ultrasonography, Echocardiograms, Cytology and Oncology, Dental Care, Emergency care, Reproduction, Microchipping, Heartworm Treatment and more
  • Cost/Price:  low-cost vaccination is available. Visit the website for pricing.
  • Appointments: Call (214) 887-1400  OR  visit the website:


7. Buckner Animal Clinic Dallas

Buckner Animal Clinic is a low cost veterinary clinic/hospital located on Buckner Blvd road opposite Little Caesars Pizza, Dallas, Texas providing quality veterinary medicine at affordable prices. The animal hospital was founded in 1977 to provide care and strives to treat your pets with the same care. The clinic offers regular checkups and comprehensive medical wellness exams to dentistry, surgery, and radiology for your beloved dog or cat. I met with U. S. Army retired Dr. Ronald Sayers, the senior veterinarian in this hospital who graduated in 2003 from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He has a very kind and honourable personality and is always happy to treat pets like a family member. The low-cost vaccine clinic helps the community and keeps people aware of adopting pets.

The basic mission of Buckner Animal Hospital Dallas is to provide quality care at reasonable prices. Buckner Animal Clinic offers its patients a wide range of services, including routine checkups, vaccinations, surgical procedures, dental care, and emergency services. The clinic also provides in-house diagnostic services such as blood work, X-rays, and ultrasounds. This enables the clinic to quickly diagnose and treat any medical issues that a pet may be experiencing. The staff at Buckner Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing quality care services for pets and their owners. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to care for pests.

  • Services: Low Cost Vaccines, Compassionate surgical care, Preventative Medicine, Wellness, Diagnostics, Dentistry, Dental checkup, and Boarding
  • Cost/Price:  Veterinary care at affordable prices. Visit the website for pricing.
  • Appointments: Call (214) 388-4889  OR  visit the website:


8. Vetsavers Pet Hospital Dallas

Vetsavers Pet Hospital is a very affordable and efficient low cost vet hospital located on Preston Rd Suite 100, Dallas. The hospital is full-Service Veterinary care and provides Surgical facilities for dogs and cats. The pet care hospital’s mission is to treat them like family members and allow pet owners to watch their beloved pets being treated by caring doctors and staff. The best thing I got from the hospital is that all the reasonable and affordable prices will be shown on an electronic video board in the lobby.

Many pet parents/owners are frustrated due to the rising prices, day by day, of basic and needed services like dental cleanings, wellness exams, vaccines, and routine checkups. For this reason, Vetsavers Pet Hospital provided free first exam for new patients and started to provide their services at affordable prices that make it easy for every pet parent to take the best care of their pets

  • Services: Surgical services, medical care, dental care, Wellness exams, Parasite Prevention, Pet Nutrition and Food, Spay and Neuter, and much more
  • Cost/Price: Starting from $39, office exam service makes it affordable
  • Appointments: Call 972-939-0900  OR  visit the website:



Low cost vet in Dallas offers affordable options for pet owners to maintain their pet’s health. However, it is important to ensure that the clinic provides quality care. You should do clinic research, compare pricing, read reviews, and visit clinics before deciding on the hospital for pet treatment. If unable to find low-cost veterinary care, organizations such as Spay Neuter Network, SPCA of Texas, Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic, CHEW Animal Clinic, Metro Paws Animal Clinic, and much more. Pet owners should prioritize their pet’s health and well-being by seeking affordable veterinary care in Dallas and can ensure their pets lead happy, healthy lives.

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